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June 9th, 2020.

We are Aria, and we’re so delighted to be here with you today. Indeed, you’re going through many recalibrations as we speak. Therefore, the way you’re communicating with others is also shifting. You’re going from a very defensive mental space to an open heart space where you are able to choose words that go beyond this timeline, that goes beyond this life. In other words, they’re tapping into other lives and other experiences that you’ve had as a human being, as a soul from different planets and planetary systems to then convey those emotions of love and compassion with others.

The critical thing right now for you is to acknowledge that you are safe. That you are so loved and supported. It’s the first step into reclaiming your power in your inner being of greater self. That is the most critical thing you can do for yourself, is reclaiming your power as a sovereign being.

You have made it Dear Ones. We will continue to repeat this and repeat this until you start to believe it and feel it for yourself. You have made it, as a planet you made it. You are New Earth. The New Earth we continue to say is not a destination, it is not a place. This is not something you create into materialization overnight, it is something you become. But it’s something that is also available for you to be in this moment. So when it comes to communication, we’re asking you to be present in the moment more than being careful.

Be aware of what you’re choosing to express for every single word matters when you start repeating mantras and you start repeating affirmations. That is what you’re programming yourself to create in your life. So, question everything. Question why some people are asking you to repeat mantras, why people are asking you to continue that conversation, question yourself. Where do you fit in this whole picture? And we can tell you right now that there’s only love, there’s only love, there’s only love if you choose it to be. We have mentioned that we’re not oblivious to the pain and the shadow that this planet has endured.

We’re not oblivious to the systems that have created so much hate and anger on this planet. We are very much aware of it, but we’re also very much aware of the opportunities that are rising at this time and that’s what we want you to focus on. But everything that you’re saying, everything that you’re reciting, has a vibration. So be aware of everything, even if you’re not vocally speaking up and sharing in that way, even sharing a phrase, sharing a quote for that also has an effect when you read it. You’re absorbing the vibration of it, so instead of just resharing from others, go into your heart and find those words from your soul that want to be birthed.

Create your own mantras, create your own affirmations, create the vibration that you want to experience more of through words, through experiences. Check yourself and see if it’s truly in alignment with the person you are becoming. Question everything, that’s our message for today. Don’t go into a rabbit hole of information that may not be your truth, and the only way for you to know that if you choose to go into your crystalline heart and to start experiencing life through your heart. For it will be your filter to know when the information resonates with who you are becoming and what this planet is becoming or if it’s not.

Be aware Dear One of the words that you’re sharing with others, for they do matter.

We are Aria and we’ve been delighted to connect with you today. 

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