Unification of Humanity

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June 2nd, 2020.

We are Aria, and we are so delighted to be here with you today, and we feel in your hearts how you’re suffering and how you are looking for answers and how you desire to be part of the change and the movement.

At the same time, we can feel how troubled you’ve been in deciding what to do about it and what to share and what not to share and how to go about the whole situation. From our perspective, we can only see unity. We can only see the love that exists, is the same love that is moving you into this moment to remember in your heart, the truth. There’s only unity. There have been other energies on your planet, that are trying to create distractions. They’re trying to divide you, and we’re here to remember and remind you, this is all about unification. It starts with you remembering your truth, remembering that you are love. You are love. Everything else is a distraction, and we say this with the utmost respect for life, with the utmost respect for you and all human beings on this planet.

We say it because we can see that this is not the first time this has happened, and this is not the first time that this has created a division on your planet. We ask you to focus on unity, to support and love each other. You start doing this by hearing and listening to every single voice, and by speaking your own truth. The more you embody your own Divinity and remember your truth, the more you create the frequency of understanding and pure compassion. For everyone is equal, for everyone has the same opportunities, and desires. Where these desires are valid and these desires are created from love, that is New Earth.

But it cannot be created if you’re choosing to stay in fear. For fear is the same thing, that has led you to this moment. But you are so ready, Dear Human Being. You’re so ready to remember that there is only love. There is only love, there is only love, if you choose to believe it, if you choose to embody it. Use your body, your voice, yourself to create a space for deep conversations. Allow others to speak their truth, even if they’re hurting. For it is in those conversations is where you’ll find compassion and you’ll recognize the Divinity within them, the same Divinity that flows through you.

Create spaces and circles, where people can speak up, and listen in. Listen without judgment, and listen with an open heart. That’s what we’re suggesting you do. Listen with an open heart and see past the anger, see past the fear, and look into their hearts, they want to belong the same way you do. They want to create New Earth the same way you do, they want to create new systems the same way you do.

Have compassion Dear One, for this is only the beginning. This is the beginning of a New Earth, this is the beginning where you find love around you everywhere you go. It’s time for you to come together. Don’t let any propagandas divide you, don’t let any news and any programs divide you, for that is not needed anymore. It’s not necessary anymore when you find love within yourself. When you move past that fear, you’ll find everything that you’ve been asking for.

And of course, this month you’ll experience lots of ups and downs when it comes to your emotions. So be gentle with yourself. Don’t make yourself wrong for it, for it is part of being a human being on this planet at this time. It’s part of your evolution, and you’ve made it. Dear Human Being, you’ve made it. Move past the illusion of fear, of separation. We applaud you for your desire for change for it is happening. You made it happen.

And the same way you had the opportunity to speak up. Allow others to do the same by speaking up louder to create bigger platforms for others to come and share with you. Create a group, create a grid of humans that are ready to be the Wayshowers. And if you’re listening to this message, you are a Wayshower, so open the path.

So that, later others can walk through that path and speak up. This is not about you, this is about the human race coming together and this is not about a single person. This is about the human race. See past the illusion and move into love, move into unification. It starts with you, unification all together. All races together, because there’s only one race and that’s the human race. It’s all together at this time, move as one.

We are Aria, and we’ve been so happy to connect with you. You’ve received an activation on your heart. If you’re ready to receive it, just allow yourself to be open to it.

Be gentle with yourself.

And So It Is.

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