The Etheric Field & Subtle Body

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February 19th, 2020

We are, Aria, and we are delighted to be here with you today, as its always our pleasure to connect with you through this channel, through Anyaa. And everything that she’s sharing with you today is exactly what we’ve been sharing with her. We’re so happy to see that you’re also receiving this information for it is critical for you to tap into your etheric body and start creating more coherence around it. Coherence only means that everything is balanced out.

Everything is in its form of perfection, meaning it doesn’t matter where you look at it, it’s going to be the same. If you look at point A, point B is going to be exactly the same as it is at point A, it is defined. It is perfection and it is creation, it is source energy flowing through you. And it’s your Divine state of being. This is your birthright, this is a space where you don’t have to hold on to any ancestral disease or any cellular modifications that have been passed on from your lineage, your ancestral lineage from generation to generation.

It doesn’t have to run through you. For you are your own being, your suffering, you get to choose that. Now, on the other hand, we wish to talk about the abilities and the spiritual abilities that are in your etheric field. We have also been talking to Anyaa about the Divine crystalline archetypes and how and everyone under these archetypes and really the entire population of Earth that is in awareness in them and in tapping into these abilities can have two to three or even more of these archetypes.

Some of them are the healer, the channeler, the visionary, the decodifier. There are twelve in total at this time, and they’re all multidimensional. When you choose to embrace those archetypes, it’s part of you that is fulfilling your Divine soul purpose in this life. And the reason we’re bringing the archetypes now, we’ve downloaded this information for Anyaa and you to play with later. And again, Anyaa and Aria are exactly the same.

Anyaa is having a personal experience here on Earth, but we are encouraging you to know that it’s all galactic, it’s all beautiful and it’s all Divine source energy, the same energy that flows through Aria flows through you. Every moment you choose to tap into your Crystalline Heart, your Crystalline Heart, take a deep breath.

Now, speaking of these archetypes, they are in your etheric field and your abilities are in your etheric field. So the moment you start playing with it, the moment the same way Anyaa suggested that you can scan your body with your hands, just putting your hands an inch or two inches away from your body. Wherever you feel warmth or feel guided to just stay, just keep your hand there and ask yourself, “What is a gift that I’m here to evolve? What is the ability that I’ve been playing with for many timelines that I can continue to evolve from here?”. 

Because that way you’re going to see a very advanced and accelerated opening in this ability, because you’ve been playing with it for so long, so you will recognize where you left. Quote unquote, because you’re still experiencing it. Right? And from there, you can open to it even more. This is fun, it’s meant to be fun, it’s meant to be relaxed. There’s nothing that you need to learn, there’s nothing other than you need to remember that it is already within you. 

So if you have the desire to open up your pineal gland, or your third eye and evolve your clairvoyance or if you have the desire to evolve your healing abilities or whatever it might have been even channeling or downloading codes like in the form of light language it’s already within you. So follow that desire, it’s going to be repetitive and it’s because you are ready and the energy of the planet is totally in support of this evolution. 

And remember, we are you. There is no separation between us whatsoever. The way we perceive you is you are representing us on Earth at this moment. So focus on that. Focus on knowing that you are Divine source and it doesn’t matter what your job or your work that you are doing at this time on Earth, even if it’s not in the healing or as a lightworker. Well, you would think of lightworker work, if you are in accounting or if you’re a nurse or if you are an engineer. Like Anyaa used to be, it doesn’t matter. You’re still representing the Divine, you’re fulfilling that purpose, you’re fulfilling that purpose. So remember that you’re still taken care of because you are representing the Divine, you’re working for the Divine at the end of the day. And you’re here to enjoy it. 

Now before we move into our favorite part of our conversations, which is the actual conversation it’s the dialogue, it’s the questions we wish to talk to you, the one who is feeling a little bit, we might say, fed up or tired of their current reality, specifically their job. We want to tell you, you are exactly where you need to be at this moment. Take a deep breath.

If you’ve been feeling that inner guidance to move on to take a different job, to continue on a different path, even if it’s totally un-relatable to what you’ve been doing. We’re here to tell you it is possible and it’s already happening. And if you have no idea what the next step is going to be, and if it hasn’t been revealed to you, if you haven’t created that yet, it’s happening. We can see it, it’s happening.

The way to gain clarity is to be grateful for what you have now because it shows you the polarity of it all. You can see and understand what you have, which is what you don’t want to be clear. It creates clarity for what you do want, what you do desire, the kind of environment that you want in your work, to kind of the hours you want to be working. The kind of bosses you want to have, or if you want to create your own business based on your natural or spiritual abilities we are for it, but be grateful. Be grateful for what you have now, be so grateful. And fall in love with yourself so much. That for the next step, it does not matter because you trust that you are still an ambassador of the Divine, you’re an ambassador of source energy. And that right there is fulfillment, and the next step will show up without a doubt, without a doubt.

We are Aria. We are the Sirian Lions, the Gate Keepers. We’re delighted to be with you and connect with you through this channel. We want to mention that the energy that you are feeling in this moment and may feel throughout the channel may vary because there are new beings that are part of the entourage of Aria, the entourage of Aria, and the collective that is Aria.

So you may feel that subtle shifts in this channel. So, know that it is all Divine. That is Divine love. That we are light, the same light that is in your Crystalline Heart that flows through you. With every breath you take, we see you. We adore you and we are open to a dialogue. 

Now Aria takes questions from Crystalline Heart Collective (CHC) members and answers global and personal questions. In this session we had the Gate Keepers Sirian Lions, the Orion Unicorns stepped forward, the Jesus Consciousness and the Pleiadians all answered questions.

We are the entourage that is Aria. We see you. We love you. We’re always with you. 

And So It Is.




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