Invitations to the farm are granted in the order that they are received (unless of an emergency or an intuitive pull). Once selected, you'll be able to choose the best date for you when you receive a link to schedule and pay the non refundable fee for your visit.

Don’t worry about specifying desired dates or the number of people in your group on your card. 

Please do not send more than one postcard or you might loose your spot in the waitlist. Please do not send postcards on behalf of others, each person coming to the farm (even if they are coming in a group) must send their own postcard (see details below).

If I feel you could benefit from a second visit or more treatments, I will let you know.

Your postcard can be store bought or homemade. It can be as simple or as complex as you choose! 
Write clearly and legibly so we can read your contact information correctly. Please only choose one option (phone session or farm visit).

Postcards are received and reviewed on Fridays during the 2022 Fall/Winter seasons. The first card pulled gets the first pick for a date and so on.

Tentative opening date: Nov. 11, 2022 
It's our greatest joy to welcome you into communing with yourself, in nature.

Requests for this season are now being accepted by snail mail!

To be invited for a session, you will simply need:
​One postcard + appropriate postage.

Please provide the following information: ​


Please know that my awareness comes from deeply honoring life's flow and there's nothing I value more than my own vessel and my intuition. I am existencial and live without any schedules. I move as my body moves, not as my mind pleases. My intuition dictates who I meet and what is available for you to take from my abyss of awareness. That being said, I make no promises on when and how I see people or what kind of guidance you'll receive (energetics or otherwise). I trust that you'll get what you need from myself and this experience. 

To do this kind of work, I need to be highly present and in awareness of my own energy levels. Meaning, even though I take great care of my energy, in some rare occasions I might encounter something deeper that might get me close to a depletion of physical energy. In those extremely rare occasions, I might have to stop what I am doing and I may not have the capacity to see you.

It's not personal as it's all about energetics and timing. In the end it doesn't matter. If you are coming from afar, please consider this. You will most likely get invited to come over the following day after I have taken care of myself and I am ready to meet you. This is highly unlikely but it's important that you know.

I can't tell you what you'll get from this experience other than what you are led to live by the innate inspiration that is this land. It's my intention that you come home, to you own truth. It's my deepest desire that you find YOURSELF because all you need, is already within you.


If I didn't feel more treatments where needed (energetically) but you'll like to process emotionally via more treatments this is the option for you. You get to choose how many more experiences you'd like to have.

Treatments are provided no more than 1/week in the afternoons.

Fee: $500 (A consultation is not included). 


Phone sessions are not currently available until further notice. However, if you feel deeply inclined to invite me into guiding you through a phone session and you are absolutely sure you can't make it to the Sanctuary, please send me a postcard. If I feel guided, I'll make an exception. When your postcard is pulled, you will receive an email from us notifying you that you have been added to the waitlist and how to proceed. 

Fee: $1555


Groups and families are welcome. Even though this is a working farm, children are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Every person visiting the farm must send an individual postcard with the exception of children. Children 8 y/o and younger are welcome to send a postcard but it's not required. To make things more manageable on our end we ask that all postcards are sent at the same time. During your invitation call, you can let us know who is in your group. 

Fee: $555 per adult (18y/o and older).

For children and teens a sliding scale fee is available:
Children 8 y/o and younger visiting the farm for a treatment fee is $55-$555 per child.
Children 9-18 visiting the farm for a treatment is $255-$555.


When your postcard is pulled, you will receive a phone call from us. We will help you find a date that works for you. You'll then receive an email or text with your visit's reservation confirmation and other important details. 

This is a whole day experience, you are welcome to hang out during the Sanctuary working hours (9:30am-5:30pm). Accommodations and food are not included in this experience.

Fee: $555 (initial consultation, treatment, and potential follow up plan included).


The on farm visits are a whole day experience, please plan accordingly. Consultations are offered in the mornings (9:30am-11:30am) and treatments are offered in the afternoon (1:30pm-3:30pm). Because of how much is moved energetically, in some cases, you'll be asked to not drive for the next 24-72hrs. I won't know until I meet with you. In which case you have 3 options: 1 bring a designated driver, 2 re-schedule your treatment, or 3 schedule a taxi service to drop you off and pick you up after your experience has been completed (Ubers are not reliable in the area and no cars are allowed overnight in the Sanctuary).

Every new visit for a new treatment consists of a consultation and a treatment.

Consultations allows us to explore where you are, what guided you to this moment and also they provide an opportunity for me to scan your energetic field.

Please note: The consultations are not sessions where I guide you verbally, they are intended to better understand what you feel and think you need and for me to be in your aura in preparation for your first treatment. 

The date has arrived, what now? Once you are in the farm we ask that you respect our privacy. If the gates to the parking lot are closed, please wait and refrain from walking around the orchard until someone comes out to open them around 9:15am.

People are seen in a first come, first serve basis. During your morning 1-1 consultation, we will discuss what led you to to book an experience with me. 

In the afternoon you'll be invited back to receive your first energetic treatment. I believe in the power of my aura to mutate the other and so I may or may not guide you verbally. It might be intuitively/energetics only. It all depends on what is available and where the energy guides us. I might also feel inspired to share other resources such as teas or balms to aid you in your process to experiencing coherence in your body. Right after your treatment is done you'll spend some time in the recovery room. If needed, a facilitator or volunteer will help to feel the most physically comfortable as you integrate and process. Afterwards, you'll be told how much rest you need (24-72hrs) as well as anything else that you need to be in awareness of while you recuperate at home/hotel.

The time in between the morning consultation and the afternoon treatment is very important. Please use this time intentionally to connect with yourself by doing breathing exercises, walking meditations, journaling, or whatever you feel will help you reach a calm and relaxed state (if possible). You are welcome to stay and walk around the Sanctuary's Orchard (please stay around the barn and Grandfather Tree as this is a working farm).

You are welcome to bring a chair and meditate or bring a book while you wait for your treatment. You are also welcome to stop by Lake Michigan (~7 min drive) or Torch Lake (~3 min drive). You can also get a light bite to eat in Elk Rapids (~15 min drive).

FOLLOW-UPS PLAN: In some occasions you might benefit from multiple treatments or other resources. If this is the case, during the initial visit, I'll create and share an intuitive plan and the amount of treatments and other components that are recommended after your first treatment. You are by no means obligated to choose the extra treatments or any buy any of the other recommended resources.

If you choose to continue you'll receive a special link to schedule the follow ups. Follow ups are $155 each. If coming to the farm becomes a challenge after the first visit, the follow up treatments can be done remotely. If done remotely you'll be given a date and a time frame plus further instructions on how to prepare. Follow up treatments usually happen once a week until your plan is done. If you choose to come to the farm to receive your follow ups, you don't need to come in the morning but you are welcome to. 

If you can trust your own inner authority and let life unfold the path for us, for our communion, then you are invited to participate in this experience.


✔ Only come on your designated date and follow the instructions to be provided after your date has been confirmed (parking, and other notes).
✔ Bring a bottle with water (no metal vessels).
✔ Wear outdoor clothing, and close toe shoes as this is a working farm.
✔ Unless you are bringing a service dog, pets are not allowed in the Sanctuary as there are other animals here. Also, let us know in advance so that we can provide the proper accommodations.
✔ Be prepared to walk on uneven ground.
✔ Be prepared to encounter critters such as bees, snakes, deer, and others. They are our neighbors and we choose to commune with them everyday.
✔ Some people and animals may experience a physical purge after the treatment. Please consider taking at least the following day off to allow your body to process and integrate.
✔  Bring an ID.
✔  Inviting a designated driver is highly recommended.


During the summer of 2022 I received my calling. With my calling came the invitation to live offline. That being said, it's also important for me to experience your essence before I meet you. This way the communion starts the moment you receive a yes from your inner authority, your intuition. This is also a way to slow life down, to take a moment to be thoughtful and intentional from the very beginning of our communion. 

This is my way of being invited, called out from the roof, and also an opportunity to invite you back. I understand the internet is a convenient tool but it's simply not for me. The Sanctuary is fairly small yet it's a sacred land and I desire to keep this space intimate. It's part of its magic. When your card if pulled, you become part of this magic. It becomes your invitation to come home.