Restructuring Your Body

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April 29th, 2020

We are Aria, we are the consciousness of love. We are ambassadors for the Galactic Federation of Light. It is about time, we always like to joke about time with you. For you understand what we mean. But we wanted to share with you this new way of introduction to you because our channel is now feeling more comfortable with this other aspect of herself, where she’s chosen to step up as an ambassador for this federation.

That has in its own source the idea and intention of being partners to humanity instead of, saying, we’re of service which we are, we’re going to say its a partnership because it’s a collaboration between what we know is possible. Between what we know it’s available and what you are ready for, as consciousness as a planetary consciousness.

We are delighted to be here. And the first thing we want to bring up is an extension of what Anyaa was already sharing with you, which is the restructuring of your crystalline system or structure within your carbon body. Now, you know, you have a carbon structure that’s your body where you can see your physicality, your physical body. But then you also have a crystalline structure, this crystalline structure contains all the wisdom that you’ve collected as a being here on Earth, but also as a part of the cosmic conscious soup.

In other words, you are not just tapping into what you believe is yours, but all of the other aspects of yourself that might even include all of the other people on this planet, as well as every single being on the galaxies and beyond. In other words, that’s Divinity. That’s what, you know, as creator self. And as much as in the past, you would enjoy thinking of yourself as a singular being. We’re asking you to expand your mind, your heart, and your body.

To the idea that everything and everyone around you is an extension of yourself. Therefore, when you love yourself, you’re loving others. When you love others, you’re loving yourself. When you open up with compassion to yourself, you’re opening up with compassion to others and you’re giving that ideal to others that may not have found that alone. It’s a vibration, it’s a frequency that you’re projecting to everything and everybody around you. We’re not talking only about humans, we’re talking about the Earth beneath you, the rocks, trees, and animals. Everything is energy and everything is an extension of you.

So when you look at someone else, when you look into an animal’s eyes, you’re looking within yourself as it is a reflection of yourself. We’ve been talking about compassion for a while now, but it’s because this is the space where you will find all the answers that you seek. And it starts with compassion within yourself. Now, when you are distracted by the events that are happening on your planet and you get distracted by these other ideas of so-called conspiracies, so-called socialist ideas, or you get into politics.

This is not serving you in any way, and it’s not that it is not for you to understand this other behind the scenes, as you may call it. It’s not about that, we’re not asking you to be blind to them. We’re asking you to see it with compassion for it was a catalyst your planet needed for this ascension.

You can only see through the eyes of love, and when you start attaching your own beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, you polarize yourself instead of integrating and rising up to this occasion. The occasion is your ascension. When you start pointing fingers, you’re pointing at yourself because they are another part of you. You may ask, how can this be what I choose to believe is evil be a part of me, and an extension of me if I just me, me, me, me, me. There’s never been you, as a singular. When we go back to the presence of the I am. It’s not singular as it is wholeness. And it includes all of those aspects of humanity that doesn’t resonate with you. Invite them in, and hug them with compassion. That was the path that this planet chose to do in the ascension, that was the path that you chose.

It’s not a matter of if you like it or you don’t, if you agree or if you don’t. For it is already gone. We can reassure you that Divine love would take care of it for you, for it will balance it out. But Dear One, that is not your responsibility to point fingers. To decide how it needs to happen. It’s not up to you, as that’s not what you signed up for. If you were listening to this channel, that’s not what you signed up for.

There are other people in the front rows that have decided to anchor light in a different way by being vocal by the more physical body. By speaking up and doing other ways that are not what you chose, it is not in resonance with your core being. And the more you get trapped into those ideas, into those stories, into that news, the more the farther away you will be from being in alignment. With what you’re here to do, which is to anchor the light through being that light.

Not by moving, not trying to change things, or trying to say how it’s supposed to happen. That is not your job, for it’s already gone and it’s already taking care of. Everything that is not in resonance with Divine light will fall away. It is a Divine law. When you feel that fire arising within you when you feel that something needs to burn. Notice how that is part of what is within you. It’s the fire that is within you.

Create a new structure for you and follow that energy. In other words, when you feel that fire because of news that we’re led to you, that we’re sent to you because you attracted them. Instead of going and searching for more of that, see how that affects your own, your very well own being from within you. See what beliefs are coming up for you then choose differently, but choose it for yourself. Don’t get in your head.

Don’t get thinking of who else might be involved? Who else needs to be, quote-unquote punished? Who else needs to be brought to the light, for everyone to see and to feel ashamed for their acts. That’s not your job, and it’s a waste of your potential. There’s no space for that anymore. Instead of pointing fingers look within, allow yourself to go through this process of restructuring. Know that we see you, we love you. We’ve been delighted to connect with you today. Go within, love yourself. We are Aria, we see you, we love you. 

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