Clearing of Multidimensional Timelines through the DNA!

Where new timelines are created for humans to evolve at a higher frequency!


Your private session is a collaboration among yourself and your guides channeled through me, Anyaa. I will set the highest intention to clear density from this timeline and others to help you co-create with Spirit a high vibrational timeline. This is an opportunity to connect with your guides and bring clarity regarding your next step when it comes to your spiritual development, creating a harmonious life, or anything that is preventing you from feeling balanced, happy, and peaceful.

The session begins by clearing your energetic field from any attachments or low vibrational entities, and general density. I only work with high vibrational, loving Beings. I always say: “if they aren’t [spirits] coming from a place of love, they aren’t welcome”. I work with multiple collectives, such as The 13th Council and Na-E-Ha, a 12th dimensional Pleiadian Goddess. Some of my cosmic brothers and sisters are Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lemurian, Sirian. Ascended Masters such the Mary Collective, Jesus along with Archangels. Other entities of light will often step in during the clearings and activations. I will also channel your guides and the session often become a gathering of old friends, a reunion with your star family, and celebration of your mission here on Earth.

As the high vibrational guides step in, I will open your soul’s multidimensional records that are stored in your DNA to see how re-emerging patterns are tied together to other lives. The guides will show you the different timelines and soul memories that need your awareness to remove density and blocks from this life.

During the session, I may use other tools to remove blocks to help you take the next step towards a harmonious timeline. The tools include channeling, connecting you with your star family, recalibrating energetic points (including the womb chakra and other chakras besides the traditional 7), personalized light language symbols or mantras, and clearing lower frequency entities. In some cases, the guides will provide instructions to do DNA activations or download crystalline codes of light.

The session are 30 minutes long, allowing some time for questions. If you are highly sensitive, you might feel, hear or see the energy/guides around you. Others don’t feel anything at all. Either way, you will still receive the same benefits.

After the sessions, you might feel lighter, more connected to yourself and your guides, and more aware of what step to take towards fulfilling your spiritual mission. It is also common for people to have sudden awakenings and remembrances. Some Lightplayers feel tired or relaxed after sessions or in the days following a session. Please listen to your body, you are adjusting and integrating the new frequency.

It is also common for some to feel very energetic, go dance or hug a tree! Ground the energy into Mother. Sometimes you may feel like laughing or crying. Try not to judge the emotions, instead allow yourself to release them, it is part of the clearing.

By the end of the session, you will know how to gently ground yourself and come back to your body while still feeling very expanded and lighter. Always follow your heart. Know that this is a safe space for you to explore emotions as you feel the support from your guides and the Universe as you step into your Divine power.

The session will be recorded and sent to you.