Module 7 - Setting

Clearing your throat chakra with Archangel Gabrielle: Setting the foundation to sparkle your voice through heartfelt conversations

Hello Lightplayer!

As lightplayers we are sometimes scared of sharing our voice, and so for years we accumulate emotions, Most of the time when we choose not to share our truth, those emotions become blocks in our throats. Today you will learn how to infuse water (the same technique works for food as well) with AA Gabrielle's assistance!

  • You will need a water bottle or a cup of water.

The instructions are provided during the meditation audio. Feel free to pause the meditation or listen to it completely and then go back. Also, please know that infusing water is not necessary but rather it is being presented as an option.

Love & gratitude,


PS: I see you, I love you!




“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said.”

~ Unknown