Module 3 - Releasing

Clearing of solar plexus with the Whale Matrix of Magnetic Service: Releasing blocks and emotional trauma

Hello Lightplayer,

This week the Whales Matrix of Magnetic Service are stepping in because they carry the Universal Records of Humanity and are here to help you tap into your own to clear old density. You are going to be doing extra digging this week. If the emotions start to flow, try to be the observer, and don't engage. The same applies for the people in your life, just be the observer. 

It is very important that you scan your body daily this week. It will help you become extra aware of your emotions and the ones that have been stored from this timeline or others.

Love & Gratitude,


PS: I see you, I love you.




“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship."  

- Louisa May Alcott