When I first started doing the treatments they happened for people who where in a different country. This is why I feel inspired to provide this offering to those who are experiencing an emergency AND who also:
- Currently can’t come to the farm.
- Currently can't afford the phone session.
- Are experiencing hardship.

Truly check in with yourself first and if you feel you are in need of support, I invite you to send me a postcard. On your postcard please note LDT instead of farm/phone (this is very important) and mark is as an emergency. For more information on how the postcard system works see the "Sessions & Treatments" section. If you have any questions, reach out via the "Contact" form.

Fee: $55-$555
If you simply can't afford it, please message us here. Let us know you are unable to contribute the minimum fee and what you can contribute at this time. You don’t have to show us any proof. We believe you are being honest regarding your current circumstances.


Just like the other offerings you are required to send me a postcard. Once your postcard is pulled, you'll be notified and given a date plus additional instructions for you to follow during and after the treatment. I'll perform the treatment on the date you were told. If I feel inspired to provide a follow up with either information or anything else I might deem important during our communion, you'll be notified via email by one of the facilitators. 

This offering doesn't include any verbal guidance via a phone. 


If you don’t know how much to donate, just sit with it. Let your body guide you and the answer will come. There is no rush on my end as I believe we'll meet whenever life brings us together.

A love note on the fee

A love note on the fee