How to Process Galactic Activations

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June 17th, 2020.

We are Aria. And we are so happy to connect with you. We can observe the energies of your planet have been evolving and they will continue to evolve. But they will feel like you’re riding on a rollercoaster at times. So when you feel like taking naps or you feel like spending more time in nature or you feel guided to drink more water, continue to follow those nudges. For it is your body asking in different ways to integrate the energy that is coming through you.

Remember when you hear the word downloads, in reality, everything is coming from within you. You are just more open to the energies that are around you. But in reality, you’re using the energy of the current planetary space. The magnetics of the core of Earth, as it is very advanced technology. But you’re ready for it. So, when the electromagnetic field of planet Earth opens up and this is essentially also influenced by all the Galactic Beings and Galactic Families currently residing on Earth or around Earth, this is amplified. Then your energetic field also expands, it expands to receive more of the energy that is available.

But it’s not that it’s coming from outside of you. We want to be very clear about that. It’s not that we’re just sending you energy, which we sometimes do but it’s not essentially that. It is the fact that you have dormant codes of light and you have dormant information within your Crystalline DNA, but then it’s activated. And so your physical body, your biology needs to be upgraded in order to sustain that kind of information and that kind of vibration.

That’s why in the last few days, and in the next few weeks, you’re going to continue to receive these downloads that are really coming from within. Instead of focusing and trying to figure out how it is happening, or why are you feeling the way you’re feeling. Focus your intention on gratitude, for your body knows what to do. You don’t need to spend time trying to figure out what is happening to you as much as how can you use this energy for creation or what you may call manifestation.

These are the times where the magnets of Earth are amplified that open your ability to create what you will be, what you perceive as something faster or clearer, or more in alignment with what you’re seeking. Again, it is you becoming more Divine. It is you expanding your consciousness around what is possible for you to be, do, and experience within your creation.

We remind you that you have everything that you need within you. And we’ll continue to talk about these magnets and this magnetization process as you activate your Crystalline DNA during the next transmissions.

We are Aria, and we’ve been delighted to connect with you. We see you, we see your effort and we see your desire to remember. For that we applaud you, and we honor you. We also love you.

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