Bending TIMElines

I have been really feeling the energy from the new moon and the eclipse. It truly sent me into a state of making self care a priority, no questions asked!

You know I have been really investing plenty of energy into the series coming up next week, and I’m truly so excited (you can join me here.

I know you are going to love them and see the transformation right away. Since I have been tapping and connecting with that vibration for a few days now, I can already see the magic expanding around me.

Something incredibly amazing happened on Friday.. well several things happened lol however today I’m only going to focus on sharing one story.

I had an acupuncture session and I felt like I was running late. I had to run and feed my girls, make sure they were all set. Then, I had a run Anyaa, run moment after looking at the kitchen clock.

I could feel my stomach getting anxious, you know that feeling when you look at the clock and feel like the end of the world is near because YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE

That was me on Friday morning, a VERY HUMAN thing to do... it is rare, but it happens. Or at least it used to after Friday...

It took me a couple of deep breaths and playing “Budapest” - I’m obsessed with that song! - to realize that I am exactly where I need to be, a huge reminder that Spirit will guide me and that I just need to keep breathing and observing. Even though I was running behind, I still choose not to drive until I felt grounded!

Well I did just that, and surrendered the situation to Spirit and proceeded to drive.

I took the same route I take almost every other Friday. I was singing and just in the zone. Really feeling the energy and just flowing with it.

I recall looking around twice, and I really couldn’t recognize the buildings around me. It was such a weird feeling. I kept asking myself, have those buildings always been there?

I swear we tend to shift our realities in a moments notice, something like the mandala effect! There is a tree on the corner of our neighbors that my husband and I go back and forth about it being there for the last 3 years! 

And knowing this, I just put the thoughts aside and kept driving.. I just thought to myself, “well maybe we are switching timelines or maybe I’m just an oblivious human”.

In that space, life never felt as good. I just could really feel everything coming together, the downloaded codes being integrated and new timelines being manifested right in front of me.

I got to my appointment: 20 MINUTES EARLY.

Which worked out because my Acupuncturist had a cancelation and so she extended my session. Win-win.

And yes, I did freak out a little, I also thanked the Universe and had the most amazing integration ever... but that’s another story.

It is funny because I’m used to traveling in between timelines but now this was another whole level!

Have you experienced a mandala effect? Or time bending/traveling? Share with me in the comments below!