Do you feel unsafe about connecting with Spirit?

Since I was a kid I have been able to clearly communicate with the Spirit realm. Sometimes it was angels and sometimes it was my uncle who moved from this plane when I was in the 6th grade.

Yes, I was that child that was able to see beyond what the human eye could perceive.

Now you might be wondering: Anyaa why are you telling me this?

Well, in this whole time that I have been connecting with Spirit (think angels, humans, galactic families and beyond). I have only encountered 2 low vibe beings. That’s right, in the past almost 30 years I had to personally deal with 2 entities that weren’t from love.

Now here are the 3 things that I learned from those experiences:

  1. If you believe it you will attract it.

    Meaning if you believe you are going to get an attachment you will most likely do! When I was a teenager I had a friend who was also able to see Spirit. I feel he was more into “ghosts” and things like that. I grew up catholic, so I was surrounded by the world of Angels. Therefore all until that point, I have only heard of Angels. It wasn’t until I started hearing those stories about low vibe beings that I started to feel scared. So scared that I had to shut my gift down for a while.

    If you believe that you are love, that you are a Conscious Creator, then that’s what you will attract into your life!

  2. Use the opportunity to tap into your heart center.

    The second time when I experienced super low vibe energy was when I had some reptilian energy attachment of sorts. It was wild. More than scary it just felt so nasty. Honestly, I am happy it happened that way because it taught me how to be more compassionate and loving, even towards those beings. I thought that I have always an entourage of beings around us, always available to helps us out. But most importantly it brought an opportunity to set clear boundaries with humans and others!

    When my students tell me they are ready to start channeling, I always tell them to set this intention:

    “If they aren’t coming from a place of love, they aren’t welcome.”

    Say it with your heart! I actually seeded the same intention for our home and anyone who walks through our door. If they aren’t coming from a honest, loving space they aren’t allowed to come in.

  3. Connecting with your guides doesn’t need to be scary.

    You might be in a crossroad between wanting to connect and change your life but also feel unsafe. This fear might be coming from another life where you were punished for being your most authentic self. Please, check within, ask your guides to send you a sign that is specific for you. I promise they will find the way to show you, that you are safe, that you are loved and that you are constantly receiving guidance.

Even though the two times I experienced low vibe beings they were super scary, both situations led me to face my own inner fears and then led to a major transformation and a major awakening. Since then, I am more grounded and I am able to quickly understand the energy around me. It just takes an open heart and a grounded body.

Don’t be scared to face your fears, everything you need to create a beautiful relationship with Spirit is already within you!!

Everything you need to create your most high vibe life ever, is already in your DNA!

Know that I see you, and I truly love you!


PS: DNA Crystallization is opening on March 4th!

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