What does it look like to be in alignment?

I love being in flow! “What does that look like?” you might wonder... Well let me tell you a story.

Yesterday I was reminded of an amazing astrologer we met while in Hawai’i. She so kindly offered a major discount for our adventure group. She reminded us about her offering about 4 weeks ago and I jumped in! However it took me a while to get back to her because of all the traveling and shenanigans we have been through lately.

Because of the same shenanigans and just LIFE I really thought about whether if now would be a good time for a session. However that thinking thing, well let’s say that I don’t spend too much time doing that. Nope. Instead I just ask my higherself and my guides for advice and CLEAR validation.

And so I did... and I went on with my day.

Lately I have been super fascinated by insta stories and yesterday I was looking at Gabby Bernstein’s one. She was playing with a new oracle card set. She picked two cards and WAIT FOR IT! No, the card didn’t say: GO AND GET AN ASTROLOGY SESSION haha nope! But she did pick a card with the name of the astrologer, “Lalita”!

WHAT!? I know right? It’s not like Mary, and you get a Mother Mary card! No no no! It’s a super unique, special name.

Today I was scheduling the session because hello, when you get clear validation like that, you act on it. RIGHT. AWAY. It doesn’t matter how busy life is. You just do it! However there was a tiny detail. Where was this extra money going to come from to pay for something fun AND helpful... and obviously a connection that needs to happen!

PAYPAL goes off: You got money from such and such. Totally not expected. I laughed BUT my human mind was like: Well that is so awesome! Thank you Universe BUT that’s even more than the sessions! What about the exact money, $180 for extra validation? SUPER HUMAN but the thought crossed my mind. Yup I play this games with a grateful heart.

After that I booked the session and went to have amazing conversations with Dalton and other beautiful humans.

I just got off the phone with Delta. Somehow we had booked 2 flights for Chicago with 1 hr difference. Somehow it didn’t show in our accounts until TODAY.

We got $90.20... each. Yup. That’s $0.40 more than the 2 sessions combined. We’ll take it.

And so that’s how it looks when someone lives in alignment and goes with the Universal flow.

What does being in flow and in alignment look like to you? Share below!