Heart Activation. You are Source!

Last night a Being that looked like a Viking of some sorts walked into my bedroom. Boundaries much? It wasn’t until later that I found out that he was an Atlantean.


I knew something powerful was about to happen when he arrived. His energy was determined, like a warrior but gentle and loving. 

Before I went to bed, I started to feel like my body was expanding and almost floating. This morning when I woke up from what it seems like another timeline (vivid dream/movie), I felt the Atlanteans again. They started an activation of my heart center.

Their communication was a little different from what I’m used to, but now I know the way I channel is about to change or has changed.

The Atlantean was showing me his reality, his civilization and collective. I could see many priestess, magical creatures, warriors, and how everyone is connected to Spirit. They don’t go into trance to channel Spirit as he showed me they are Spirit. Therefore when they receive information or guidance, they tap into their heart center and that in fact becomes part of their trance.

They don’t have a process they must do, because they already are that connection with their higherselves, guides and Spirit.

Powerful lesson here.

I often say, that we look for fireworks and billboards but we forget about what is inside of all of us. Our hearts are our most powerful source to Source.

Today the invitation is to stay still and to look within. Why do we feel, we need to look outside when in fact all we yearn for, is already who we are? The answers are within, not outside of us.

The expectations of having powerful experiences of almost tangible results are already happening within you.  If you take a moment to be quiet, you will see how the world around you has already shifted.

So It Is...

Anyaa in connection with Na-E-Ah (Nai’a)

PS: The whales are pretty much present today. Enjoy connecting with them by taking a deep breath and inviting them in. You may also listen to theirs songs on YouTube and go into a daydream state. Just follow their waves of love by taking deep breaths, as they sing.

PS2: Yesterday on my way home I felt a huge energetic wave “hit” me. It was a split second but my ears felt the vibration and just like that it was gone. Our realities have shifted. My guides then stepped to talk about channeling today and so funny enough, I’m waiting to channel more info on this wave. :)

PS3: You are still reading? Aww! I see you, I love you! Please leave me a note below!