Optional Plan B

TSA Officer: How many?

Me: 2 and we would like to opt out.

TSA Officer: πŸ˜’, from the big scanner?

Me: Yes, we would like to opt out.

TSA Officer: It’s a MAGNET.

Me: We prefer the pat down.

TSA Officer: πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ okay, just let them know.

I had to contain myself from laughing when she said: β€œit’s a magnet” ! I’m like, EXACTLY WHY I RATHER NOT GO THROUGH IT πŸ˜‚


Well that was a first, *most* of the time TSA peeps are really cool when we opt out. But in a way, I get get it. It was surprisingly super busy at 4am.

My heart went to optional plan B. Meanwhile I hear a woman yelling: β€œKeep walking, choose the shortest lane. Choose the shortest lane. Sir, sir, SIR keep WALKING.” At that point I see the various options. In my head I’m thinking: β€œOkay Spirit, what’s happening here? What do we need to do?”

Given the long lines, we found ourselves cutting it close to our boarding time but we don’t panic. We know there is always an option.

And so we chose the shortest line, as the TSA Officer kept yelling. The officer checking my passport is friendly and a bit tired and for the first time I noticed the beautiful hologram in my passport under the UV light. I gasped and then she said: β€œCanadian passports are gorgeous! They have flowers!”

With such an ease we managed to be in the best line. Given the circumstances we opted for plan B. We went through the old school metal detector, shoes on, coat on, everything on! The only thing we had to do is put our cells in our bags. No laptops or liquids had to be separated. It was such a breeze!

It almost felt like 10 years ago and we kept WALKING! β™₯️

Spirit will always have a plan for you. ALWAYS. We just need to notice the signs and flow. Everything always works out 😌.

Side note: even though our plane was FULL, we got an open seat in our row. Such a win!!

Then we got to the hotel at 8am and the front desk lady said: β€œLet me check what we have right now.” We were just flowing with the understanding that check in is at 3 pm. Then she said: β€œI have 1 room available right now but it’s a king.” Free upgrade!

And so this is how we choose to create our reality and we feel grateful and in flow. πŸ™πŸΌβœ¨βœ¨βœ¨


The most beautiful thing is that you can too!

Start living in the reality that matches your heart. Raise your vibration, change your timeline and remember that you too, are a Conscious Creator. 

β€œBeloved ones, the ability to see the patterns that are divinely orchestrated for you are part of your innate. They are part of your internal GPS, and all you need to access it, is awareness. Those things and situations that seem unusual, but that spark curiosity. Trust them. Those people around you, doing different things that inspire you to stop, trust them. That’s how you will continue to upgrade your internal GPS. In a way, it is like adding a new program. In reality, all the expansive options have and always will be available to you.” -The Council of 12


I would love you hear how you are using your internal GPS! Share below ✨