The day I reconnected with the jokesters: The Sirian Lions!

During a workshop, The Pleiadians stepped in, my heart felt open, Mother Mary stepped in, I felt so much more love that I could ever write about! Then it was the Sirian Lions turn!  OH MY was I in for a treat! I couldn’t stop laughing!

Although I didn’t know it at the time, that was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

The following year, my beloved partner, Dalton and I decided to visit ECETI. We spent our time enjoying each other, laughing, and sharing stories with new friends. We were always surrounded by beautiful angels, orbs, fairies, big foot, unicorns, a golden dragon, and of course many cosmic brothers and sisters.

At night we would star gaze, or should I say, ET gaze? There were so many ships coming and going into Mt. Adams. The more we cheered and celebrated, the more activity we would see in the sky! It was quite unreal.

We had workshop and discussions, and during one of the workshops we were able to meet different guides. The Lions came in like fire and made everyone laugh! Their energy was just that contagious.

Later that day, I didn’t feel like myself. I started to have low vibe thoughts like I didn’t belong, that I shouldn’t have gone, and just felt completely unhappy. However, I knew something was off and that those thoughts weren’t mine. As soon as I became aware, I saw them. I saw their density and their reptilian forms…

I realized my energy was starting to shift and that I needed to do something right away.

I ran outside to ground and to ask for help as it was my very first encounter with that low vibration. The Lions stepped right in! I could feel them all around. But my physical body was giving in, I felt so ill.

You are probably wondering, how did your guides allow this to even happen in the first place?

Well, let me tell you something about myself.  I am one of the most loving and affectionate humans you will ever meet. I LOVE HUGS, and I love giving hugs… I also love to talk to people. I just do.

That day, after one of the workshops I was in pure bliss. I have just seen a physical/energetical fairy, big foot was jumping into different dimensions, and a golden dragon was making its rounds. However, there was a human who was having a challenging day, a lot of energy was shifting for him. After a moving conversation, I hugged this human’s heart.


The reptilian energy he was dealing with jumped to me! I felt like I was covered in nastiness.

I couldn’t understand why my guides didn’t do anything to prevent it.

But there was a HUGE lesson for me to experience. I needed to go through that process to reclaim my voice, to stand my ground so firmly and lovingly that from there on, non-benevolent Beings could not come even close!

“I see you, I love you but you have to go.” That is truly what it took for me to regain my Divine Power and to keep the reptilians away. Of course, having a pack of Lions behind me and as a part of my vibration also helped! Their vibration is so high and determined that once you start collaborating with them, they will either have you in tears LAUGHING or they will make you feel grounded and safe. Most of the time, you will experience both!

My lessons to prevent this from happening again:

Always stand in awareness and pure, unconditional love. Lower vibrational Beings, CAN’T STAND love! In this case, love made the reptilians go away because that was obviously not in alignment with their intentions.

The Sirian Lions taught me that I can clear anything that is not serving my soul’s mission! When I was channeling the DNA Crystallization program, they stepped in for the last clearing before the final DNA activation. These whimsy Beings come and hold space for you to clear what has been in front of you for so long. Showing what needs your immediate attention for you to keep spiritually growing. However, they have their ways of doing it while infusing play!

When we got home from ECETI, every time I felt off or needed to laugh, I would ask them to check my field for me or to tell me a joke. Most of the time, I just needed to ground and so they gently reminded me to go outside OR they found a way to make me smile. My relationship with them began with laughter and so that was the standard we set.

However, there is another side to them. They are wise Beings, they have endured evolution but have found a way to bring lightness to their work. Every collective and guide I work with has very distinct personalities and the Lions take the jokester role! They are super funny and will often step right to your face if you invite them in.

One day I was walking down the stairs at home and felt a new reptilian. I wasn’t scared but still in my mind IT WAS A REPTILIAN! I immediately called the Lions and the first thing they said: You always say, if they aren’t coming from a place of love, there are not welcome. Hear him out.”

What a reminder, right!? It was 7 am in the morning and the Lions were already inspiring me. It turned out this was a beautiful benevolent holographic skinned Reptilian. Yes, they exist too! He didn’t step in for me, but rather for a client I was supposed to meet with that evening.

There was one time though when I was having a horrible day! I was snapping and just not being too loving nor nice (hey, I too am human!). I followed to ask the Lions. I felt them step in, as usual. However, this time I felt like if they were creating a dramatic LOOOOOONG pause before they spoke. I said: “yes Lions? What’s happening with my energy today? Is there anything you can help me clear? I NEED TO LAUGH AGAIN!”

After another what felt like a long pause, they finally said: “We can’t do anything about your hormones!”

I laughed so hard, my entire body’s energy field completely shifted!

Lessons from the Lions, my allies and friends:

  • They always have jokes and ways of making every situation feel lighter.
  • They are extremely fair and will give anyone and any Being a chance, so long they come from love.
  • If you are smiling after reading this, you have probably made a connection with them.

From the Lions:

It is through laughter dear Being of light, that you become and realize exactly that: YOU ARE LIGHT. Bringing this awareness into your everyday light, will inject the necessary joy to keep expanding your consciousness and the one of your fellow Human.

Remember to laugh often, expand your heart, and allow it to be contagious for the ones around you.

We are the Sirian Lions -The Sirian Lions channeled by Anyaa Lightheart

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