3 Things you can do to make this Holiday less overwhelming and more JOLLY!

How is it that Christmas is next week? This year just went by fast and soon enough we will be celebrating the New Year. Exciting, right? Or is it?

Well it might not be as jolly for everyone! Sometimes this time of the year becomes extra overwhelming and we tend to loose our energetic balance. Between the Christmas family reunion, the work holiday party and everything else in between we start to feel more ungrounded and more overwhelmed. Is that you?

If so, I get it! I have been there too!

I know it is not an option to just move out to the woods and cuddle up in your fave couch to avoid the stress and heightened energy in every single place you go. I have created a simple guide with 3 things you can do to help you feel more balanced to be more present and actually enjoy the Holidays!

1: Downtime

Maybe all you can really take is 1 hr a day! Do that, but truly take those minutes and do something for yourself. Take this time to reflect, to remember to come back to your body and ground. Pick up your favorite book or start journaling. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy do that. Taking this time off will help you keep your energy tank full throughout the Holiday season.

2: Carry a reminder

It can be a crystal or even a photo of Light Language. Bring it with you and every time you start to feel a little bit overwhelmed, hold it, take a deep breath and let your chosen item be a reminder! These little things can serve as anchors to help us come back into our bodies to feel present again.

3: Practice Compassion

The holidays are a good time to practice patience, compassion and kindness. Everyone is giving and giving but what about yourself? Practice compassion for your lovely heart as much as you do for others!

BONUS - Connect with the Andromedans!

I have created the perfect Holiday Bundle to support you during the Holidays and beyond. The bundle includes a powerful channeled meditation with the Andromedans, a Light Language download and a community for extra support. You can join here.

Let me know what other things you do to stay balanced?

Love and gratitude,

Anyaa Lightheart

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