Learning about the lower-lower chakras after meeting The Whales … in my kitchen!

You see, every time I meet a new guide, especially when I am home, we sit in the living room and chat. Sometimes they are time travelers (and startle me!) and sometimes they are cosmic brothers and sisters or collectives stepping in to share information, do DNA activations or whatever else is needed in that moment.

Even though, a new collective can step in pretty much anywhere I am, the Whales take the top prize for having the cleverest entrance! Two or so years ago, I was peacefully prepping food in our home’s kitchen. Suddenly, I felt someone, a new vibration walking into the kitchen. I turned around and there he was: A tall, big (HUGE) man, wearing a black trench coat and a black hat. Although I could only see one Being, in my heart I knew they were a collective stepping in as a man. I heard the following while he walked towards me, “Too-toon-too-toon”, as his energy became bigger and felt so much closer. He was comical I must add!

We started to communicate telepathically, and he introduced himself as the Whale Matrix of Magnetic Service (collective). I asked him to meet me in my living room later. I kept prepping food and when I was done I walked to the front door and there he was again!

“Alright” I said, “let’s go to the living room” and so we did.

During that time, I was going through many shifts and vibrational realignments and as result, I was guided to channel the DNA Crystallization program.  Many of the guides and cosmic brothers and sisters I currently collaborate with, stepped in during those transformational times as well. Some of them came into my life to do activations and others stepped in to do clearings.

The whales came into my life to help me clear all the emotions accumulated in this timeline in my solar plexus. These emotions were emerging after I learned how to be grounded and expanded as I was able to exist in 3D mode (engineering) while fully tapping into other realms and dimensions. I needed that balance. They also taught me about the lower-lower chakras.

The first thing the Whales told me is that they were going to activate other chakras starting with my 4th lower chakra. “My what?” I asked. They laughed and continued with the plan. I laughed and looked as confused as possible but was happy to be in their presence as it felt more like a family reunion. I knew in that moment they have always been with me and I could trust them completely. Their love was palpable.

The Whales in assistance of Atlantean beings, continued to activate what I now call the lower-lower chakras. After that amazing experience, I took a couple of days to integrate what was received.

You might be wondering, what lower-lower chakras? The root chakra? Nope! The chakra on our feet? Close, but no!

The lower-lower chakras are below the root chakra. So far, I have been able to identify 5 more chakras:

The Earth Sar, The Dolphin Matrix, The Inner Earth Cities, The Whale Matrix and The Heart of Mother Earth Chakra.

It was interesting to feel an activation by them, because for the first time in this timeline my roots were in a continuous expansion into Mother Earth. I was feeling tingling sensations in my feet, and my body continued to recalibrate itself. I was in a space of pure love and felt so supported by them (I always do).

They also helped me remember other key pieces of information in regards to my soul’s mission in this timeline. The Whales and Dolphins carry humanity’s records, the same information where I can see all your “yous”. Your different selves in different realities. They helped me open another layer and taught me how to do the same activation for others.

I always say, Spirit sometimes talks to us by giving us the pieces of the puzzle. Hints here and there, that allow us to assimilate the bigger picture little by little, in a very gentle matter. That was no different with the whales. They were opening stored information in my DNA and doing different processes to assist me with the integration in this timeline, one step at a time. 

Then, in a single quiet moment everything made sense: The Whales carry the records of humanity and have chosen to step in to help us clear density from this timeline and other timelines by redirecting our awareness. One of our lower-lower chakras, is deeply connected to said records’ layer. This chakra is called after them. Most importantly, they are here to help us remove dense emotions disguised as blocks in our body from this timeline and beyond by using the tools we already have stored in our DNA. That puzzle was completed, and in that moment, I knew it was only the beginning to us playing together.


From the Whales:

Dear humans, we are in awe of the progress you have consciously chosen to do in regards of your development as a multidimensional race. We are stepping in today to remind you of the power you hold in your DNA. It is all available to you as you breathe into your heart center. 

We hold the space for you to dive in (laughing – whale jokes), knowing that you are loved beyond universal power.

We are the Whale Matrix of Magnetic Service and we are forever in love with you, dear humans. -The Whale Matrix channeled by Anyaa Lightheart