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May 5th, 2020.

We are Aria. And we are so delighted to be here with you today. As our partner, Anyaa has introduced to you the idea of using food as an activation vehicle for your DNA in your crystalline body. That’s where we wish to continue the conversation today.

When you are in a space of awareness, you allow yourself to use your intuition to choose what you feel is going to expand and also integrate, the energy that is coming through for you the energies that are available on the planet at this time. When you create that awareness and it’s as simple as it’s with food. The same awareness is going to extend into your relationships, your work, your everyday being. In other words, you can start with food in a way to expand the way you choose to interact with others as well as the same as yourself, but it starts with yourself.

We use food because it’s so simple as something that your body needs at this time that you can choose to cultivate and create. Even in your own gardens, on your own land, it has an effect on the direction that you choose to go. As this planet continues to advance through the ascension process, it is critical for you to return back to the land, to return back to being barefoot and connecting with the dirt, and finding the joy in fertile soil.

It’s as simple as recognizing the organisms and the ecosystems happening in your own backyard before you can even experience what it will be like to experience the new ecosystems and systems that are being here created on Earth. At this time. It’s coming back to the simple things, coming back to recognizing Divinity. All around you, starting with yourself. Divinity can only expand when you choose to see Divinity in the food that you’re putting into your body and using that as a vehicle to expand yourself, to expand your consciousness and the awareness all around you.

Choose to see Divinity and choose to feel into everything that you’re putting into your body. In other words, every time you pick an item, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fruit, veggies, or anything else tap into the lifeforce that these items have for you. Now, we’re not here to tell you what to eat. We’re not going to say use this diet, follow this system, eat meat, don’t eat meat. That is not for us to decide.

For only you can know what you need and as you continue to evolve, you can see how your choices will evolve. If you choose to eat animal products and then you decide to go the other way, don’t make yourself wrong for choosing that at the time. It has nothing to do with the direction that you’re going. If, later on, you choose to go back into eating animal products don’t make yourself wrong for it. This is not something you have to decide for your life.

This is not a life plan for the next three, five, ten years. That doesn’t exist anymore. It’s about choosing in the moment to moment experience, and when you want to reach out for those more processed foods. Really ask yourself, what is the energy going in my body that needs to be purged? Because like attracts like. When you’re reaching for those items that you know in your heart are not going to be of the highest support for your own organism, search within, and take a moment to read, to pause, to really assess before consuming it.

This is for you Dear Soul, this is something you asked for. The most important thing beyond the food is going back into nature. Going back to recognizing what is available to you, and it may not be in a materialized form. In other words, it won’t be. It may not be food, but it may be the energy as the essence of the land.

Simple as connecting with a tree or with an animal, that’s an extension of yourself. It is an extension of who you’re being and recognizing Divinity that is all around you. This is what we are asking of you, because it’s only through that recognition that you start seeing everything as a whole, and you integrate your shadow self. You integrate your light self, it then becomes whole, it’s wholeness. It’s only through that integration that you remember what everything you need has always been within yourself.

And even when it comes to food, you can tap into your own human Akash to recognize where you’ve been and where you’re going. If you want to think of a linear timeline. At the end of the day, it’s not about the food, it’s about you tapping into your own compass, your own Crystalline Heart. To discover what will be the next best thing for your body, for your organism, for your own consciousness, and using food to discover your own divinity.

We are Aria, and we’ve been delighted to connect with you today.

We’re continuing to provide you with an activation. If you wish, you can close your eyes. Focus on your heart. And take a deep breath.  This activation is a remembrance of who you’ve been, who you will be, and who you are at this moment. It’s all in your Crystalline DNA.

And So It Is. 


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