Earth’s Electromagnets

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June 23, 2020

We are Aria. And we are so delighted to be with you today. It’s always our pleasure to connect with you, to experience life through you, to see your perspective, and your desire to remember your own divinity. It’s always a pleasure Dear One. 

Now, the first thing we want to share with you is how happy we are with your progress, where you’ve chosen to focus on this week. What you’ve chosen to embody more of and your awareness, to notice your thoughts, to notice your feelings, and to bring your attention back to your heart. By bringing your attention back to within you instead of focusing on your environment. This is going to make a huge impact in your consciousness, for it is within you that you have the answers that you’ll find what you need, that you will remember your true Divinity. We continue to hear your questions about when contact is going to happen when you are going to be able to see us when you’re going to be able to connect with us and we’re here to tell you that it is indeed possible.

But at the same time, it is a huge process for you to convey before you are ready to feel the energy of what it is to be in our presence. The physical reaction is another, let’s say concern because we don’t want to create panic, and we don’t want to create fear. Therefore, when we show up to you, you must be ready. You must really desire it, but it’s an agreement that we’ve had with you for eons.

It’s an agreement you chose before even embodying in this physical form, but you really need to prepare for it. The best way to prepare for it is already experiencing contact through your dreams because you already are. So remembering that you’re having those experiences when you are meditating and when you are sleeping, those will help you take the first step into the process of experiencing Face-To-Face contact.

Now, we also want to talk about the electromagnetics of the planet Earth. Beings continue to rearrange and things continue to be upgraded and expanded. What this means to you is that you’re going to be experiencing waves of energy within your field, your toroidal field. This may feel like you’re experiencing the flu or you’re experiencing a cold or even headaches or migraines. Please be aware of where these symptoms are coming from and do not self medicate. Go within to see where these symptoms are coming from. Be very intuitive about it because you don’t want to block it.

You want to experience it because that is going to activate light codes within your physical body. Use your natural resources first, to help you with the symptoms. Spend more time nature, and laugh. Laughing is going to be a great solution for these symptoms for they are not real. It’s not that you’re sick, you are not sick as you’re experiencing upgrades in your physical body. So please be very aware of these symptoms and remember this conversation.

Remember that we are already sharing this with you for it is very important. Now, we always say that we are not against any systems, any medical systems as we welcome everything. But we also want you to start using your intuition before just going to the old programs. By using your own energy systems, use your own energy centers to activate yourself, to bring that energy through to balance the energy in your body. That’s the only thing that is happening.

You’re receiving massive downloads that sometimes the energy is not grounded enough. Then you feel like you have migraines or headaches, please be aware of that. Now, when it comes to the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, as we mentioned before, it is going to continue to be upgraded as you elevate your consciousness. The more you spend time with yourself, and you spend time in meditation. You’ll remember how to anchor these codes of light that are already within you and plug them into Mother Earth. It’s as if you have been carrying the keys to upgrade this planet to a higher vibrational reality. Some of you may call it a fifth dimension.

We call it higher vibrational because all of those densities are still existing within this planet, some of you may even be experiencing six or seven densities. You also experience even higher densities when you connect with your Galactic Families like in this case, you’re experiencing nine to 12 densities. So don’t get caught into the idea that you’re moving from one density to the other, as it’s not about that process. It’s not about the fact that you can move between densities. It’s about how much you can be in that higher awareness, higher frequencies throughout your creations, meaning throughout your day, throughout your moment to moment creation. That’s really what matters because there’s going to be times where you are going to get back into your old programming, and old thoughts as you move through them, as you move out of them and that’s going to be okay.

That’s part of your experience as a human being, so it’s not about just moving from one to the other. It’s about being in a higher frequency throughout your day, and this is something you can choose. This is intentional and it takes reprogramming with the frequency and the magnets that are available on your planet right now. You can quantum jump into this new body, by using the magnets on Earth. By using your electromagnetic field as a magnet to become that version of yourself that is already or more consistently existing in a higher frequency. 

Meditation is again a great vehicle for that, it is a great vehicle because you get into space where you are no longer perceiving your environment, you’re perceiving your own energy, your own body. You may have thoughts that arise, because you might say, well, Aria every time I meditate, I have so many thoughts and we see that it does not matter. But it is your intention to be in that space of wanting to connect with a higher version of yourself, a version that spends more time in higher frequencies, that matters.

So when thoughts arise, as you meditate, allow yourself to breathe, to focus on your breathing. Come back into your Crystalline Heart. Come back into focusing on the energy that is around you. And that’s all you need Dear One. That’s all you need to exist in a higher frequency in your moment to moment creation. This is how you invite the Divine into your experience. This is how you embody the Divinity that is already existing within you. This is becoming aware of it. 

We are Aria, so delighted to connect with you. And So It Is. 




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