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Welcome Lightplayer, high vibrational transformations await you!

Testimonials from other Lightplayers

First, I feel the DNA Crystallization Program is accessible to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. Each lesson is presented clearly and with Anyaa’s signature warmth. I listened to each one several times because I enjoyed and appreciated what Anyaa was communicating more each time. There is no “technical hoodoo” to deal with. Just be willing to be present, to stay out of your head, and be in your heart.

Second, there is a depth to the work that only comes from listening with your heart and living the lesson each day. I have a daily practice and I made each lesson part of my daily practice. Anyaa introduces a different being/collective each lesson. I included them in my daily prayers and meditations. I checked in several times a day to say hi and experience their presence and the work. There are other ways to do this, but this worked for me.

The beings and collectives Anyaa has you work with do so from such a loving place. Throughout each lesson Anyaa will remind you to stop and learn to experience their presence, their energy. For me, I was often overwhelmed by the love I felt when connecting with each group: Archangel Michael and Gabriel, Mother Mary and the feminine collective, the Pleidians, and others. As with love in its other manifestations, you don’t need to understand a what, why, or how, come with an open heart and let their love speak for itself.

And then there’s Anyaa, herself. I was struck from her first email welcoming me to the course that her love, support, and compassion for and with you, are part of the journey that this course takes you on. You will find in her a genuine collaborator supporting you, answering questions, helping at times to clarify what you are seeing, experiencing. She is an email away with responses that are direct to you and your questions, and not platitudes and generalizations. So refreshing! So filled with love and caring!

After 12 weeks, I can honestly say that I am changed, a better man. It’s not that I got The Answer. Life doesn’t work that way, LOL! By opening my heart, doing the practice, and reflecting on my experiences, I am able to see my life from a different perspective. I am able to experience love and compassion from a more open place. I am feeling a new sense of integration. And, yes, while there are other things I gained, I also have new friends to support the on-going work.
— Raul - Northen California

I continue to be in awe of my experience in the Akashic Records with Anyaa. Her guidance and healing tapped into places I knew needed loving care, as well as some that had lived beyond the veil. A beautiful, holy space opened in myself, a remembrance and embrace of who I am, the power of my heart and the ease with which trauma heals. Anyaa’s gentle removal of blocks combined with her ability to wisely and accurately share all she encountered felt to be moving mountains within my being, opening new portals of light, revealing and activating, updating codes of my soul. Anyaa’s reading paved the way for my next steps into creating a heart-centered healing bodywork practice that ignites and opens my entire being. I’m deeply grateful.
— Jacqueline - Johns Creek, Georgia
The Constellation of Goddesses meditations helped me tap into my personal powers and made me realize how much I have to give to the world. During the clarity call, Anyaa tapped into my guides and gave their messages a voice that I was no longer able to ignore. Thank you for everything Anyaa! The program and everything that you do is a game changer!!!
— Deval - New York, New York

Thank you so much Anyaa for the LightHeart DNA Crystallization Program. I truly loved working with all the beings of light that we connected with during the program and also the DNA Crystallization Activation session with you!
The sessions with Archangel Gabriel were very special for me. I felt her very close and she helped me to deeply clear my throat chakra, that I started seeing great results in my daily life.

Thank you also for your continuous support and being present during the program. You helped me understand some of the energies I was experiencing and also how I could release some densities with more ease and grace. I love that you made it so easy to go through all the program, and get powerful results, even in times when being so busy. Much love and gratitude.
— Moncef Afkir from Your Divine Uniqueness - Rabat, Morocco

Anyaa Lightheart is most precious and divine! She is pure magic and wonder and the DNA Crystallization Program she offers initiates and activates that same magic and wonder within us all. I felt the clearings and activations each week as I worked with so many amazing beings, including the Whale Matrix of Magnetic Service, Mother Mary Collective, Pleiadian Collective, Arcturian Collective, Lemurians, Sirian Lions, Archangel Metatron, Dolphin Matrix of Magnetic Service, and so many others. The DNA Crystallization Program is amazing and the last DNA activation with Anyaa is like no other! Thank you Anyaa for the DNA Crystallization Program and for being so beautiful!
— Paul - Baltimore, Maryland
I had the most amazing session this morning with Anyaa Lightheart and I wanted to share a little bit with you all. I’m having a hard time even putting into words how incredibly gifted she is! Words do her and my session no justice at all but I will try my best.

From the very first moment, Anyaa’s energy made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. Although the session dealt with some heavy subjects it was peaceful and pleasant throughout. She did a clearing among other things for a loved one and I’m telling you- the results were Instant!!

My loved one’s anxiety was non-existent today and they felt lighter than EVER! I’m in complete awe and full of gratitude with the gift she has given my loved one. Even though the session was not for me in particular I have benefited tremendously. I felt like a crazy person because I could not stop laughing and smiling from the sheer magnitude of joy I felt all day long from her presence and energy. Thank you Anyaa!
— Rebecca - California

It’s been hard for me to describe how amazing your work is, as it’s of such high vibration and profound, I’m at a loss for earthly words of how to share my growth and joy with it.

The profound changes I experienced with Anyaa doing the DNA crystallization are so deep and core, I feel like a new person. I feel many selves from many lives coming together and awakened. It’s also subtle and indescribable and words can’t fully describe it. Someone who’s known me a long time, wanted to know what had changed. It was obvious to her.

I didn’t understand the process with my mind, but went on a knowing it was right. At the last session of activation, it ALL became clear. The
groundings and clearings all made sense! And I felt a new sense of being both grounded here and more rarified in each session, but especially the final one. I appreciate the power of faith as that’s what guided me a bit.

My gifts and talents are awakening and enhancing my work and next steps in the world as a light player. (The phrase Anyaa uses to describe what I used to call light workers!)
The Sirian Lions, Pleiadian collective, accension codes, Archangel Michael, Earth chakras and Whale matrix were all awakening, healing and of such a high vibration, while also being easy! Wow! It was perfect.

AND she helped catalyze and bring to life a project I’m still birthing into the world. This project lights me up for than anything else in my life as it’s an expression of my SELF and soul previous life agreements I had forgotten. I had wanted to make sense of it all for decades. And with her energetic guidance and wisdom, the idea crystallized and fell into perfect expression! Timeline catalyst and DNA crystallization are
exactly what she does in part.

She’s also in the flow of spiritual guidance. I knew when I first heard her voice and laugh on a web radio show she was a light being of joy. Like a dolphin! Doing her DNA program was an immersion in this energy and much much more. Anyaa is so gifted, positive, intuitive and wise.
She’s a joy and a blessing for us all, and I’m so lucky and privileged to have experienced her DNA program.
— Lucy - Westminster West, Vermont

My experience with Anyaa has been profound and extremely positive. Not only is she a genuine, loving person, she is also a very uniquely gifted individual, who is passionate about helping others to experience life as the highest version of themselves. In a time of transition in my life, Anyaa offered the support and guidance that I needed to step into my true self and purpose. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and person with me, Anyaa. You are inspiring!
— Jen - Calgary, Alberta

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