You have been asking Spirit for guidance, for a sign and here you are... 


Welcome Lightplayer, high vibrational transformations await you!


DNA Crystallization means ...

Recalibrating your current timeline to its original divine blueprint. It means you have the awareness to co-create with Spirit consciously and constantly. It is a process where you open your consciousness to other lives where you are able to remember what you have already learned (tools, personality traits, inherited gifts and abilities) and operate from a higher vibrational state using the resources that you already have gained throughout many lives on Earth and beyond.

DNA Crystallization is a fast, spiritual breakthrough to help you remember how to raise your vibration and become a Conscious CreatorThe program begins by laying the ground work to help you reconnect with your true spiritual self. By discovering where your power really comes from, you will start to co-create a timeline with Spirit that you truly desire.

You will have the opportunity to safely work with the same guides I work with: many high vibrational, supportive, loving guides, and collectives from higher dimensional realms! They will collaborate with you and perform clearings, activations of new ascension codes, and will be guiding you through different processes to help you tune in with your own power. 

Please know that it doesn't matter what your spiritual background is. This means that you don't have to know your life's purpose, I can help you remember it. If you do, that is also wonderful! The program will provide you with more tools to keep fulfilling your mission. Perhaps, you have been connecting with your guides for a while or have no idea who they are, in this program you will find out WHO you are and how to create and maintain divine relationships primarily with yourself, your higher self and that will open or clear the connection with your Spirit guides.

Here’s an overview of the program:


“The further you root, the more you can expand.” - Gaia Sophia (Mother Earth), channeled through Anyaa Lightheart.

We will begin the program by gaining an understanding of your current vibration and by grounding with Mother Earth from the 5th Dimension. You will connect with your higher self and set the intention to start clearing old paradigms, re-emerging patterns, and karmic contracts that have already been served but which residual energy is still creating blocks in your current timeline. During the first module, you will also receive a clearing using crystalline light. This process will help you set the path and intentions to take you from where you are now, to where you envision yourself existing, and beyond!


During this module, we will be connecting with Na-E-Ha, a 12th dimensional Pleiadian Goddess, and with Archangel Michael. Together we will clear your Akashic Family inherited traits. We often come into the same family and circle of friends for many lives creating multidimensional entanglements. We will use this time to clear density between yourself, your family, friends, and your community. At the same time, we will take the time to honor your ancestors, the ones who set the path “before” you.


It is time to let go of old low vibrational emotions such as disappointment, anger, doubt, overwhelm, insecurities, guilt, unworthiness, sadness, grief, unhappiness, frustration, and the daily stress that has been stored in your body throughout this life and others. These emotions can be so hidden in your body that you might not even be aware of them, or in some cases they might be manifesting themselves through physical aches and pains. In this module, you will receive a full clearing for the Solar Plexus with the assistance of the Whale Matrix of Magnetic Service. The cetaceans hold humanity's records, and they provide the gentleness to help you bring to the surface emotional blocks from your soul in order to open up the space to feel: empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation, passion, enthusiasm, and gratitude, leading you to a balanced and harmonious life. 


In this module, you will be activating 4 lower chakras that are below the root chakra. The Atlantean Whales will continue to assist you with this activation starting with the fourth lower chakra below the root chakra, which is commonly referred to as "The Whale Matrix" chakra.  Then we will activate the "Inner Earth Cities", "The Dolphin Matrix" and the "Earth Star" chakra. This activation of the lowest chakras codes will further expand your roots into Mother Earth and clear the channel to the Crystalline Grid. They will also anchor your vibration and align it with the New Earth’s harmonics, a series of higher vibrational grids stored in Gaia Sophia.


Are you ready to feel love like never before? In this module, you will be working with the Mary Collective, a high vibrational group composed of the female divine energy and entities including Mother Mary. The collective will assist you in the process to expand your heart. With loving care of Mother, you will be able to use this time to integrate the previous energy expansions, while receiving a clearing in preparation for the following module’s activation. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions, and you will learn how to exist freely within this frequency. You will start to remember how it is to look through the eyes of the angels, with love and compassion.


A 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective will activate ascension codes stored in your heart chakra. This process will expand your heart center to Source. This activation will restore the channel that connects all your energy points, from Gaia Sophia throughout your physical and ethereal bodies. This process is an upgrade in your vibrational state of Being.


Speaking your truth is an invitation to be assertive with your personal relationships, such as family members and friends, but also with your clients and/or coworkers. It means speaking from your heart, with compassion and staying true to your divine essence. You will have the opportunity to work closely with Archangel Gabrielle. She is the Archangel that will hold the space for you to clear your throat chakra. During these times of awakenings, it is important that you speak your truth. The community, the world needs to hear your message! Archangel Gabrielle is here to assist you in becoming a clear and powerful channel for communication. This clearing will also assist with opening or enhancing your communication with your guides and the Spirit realm. 


For many years, even lives, we have been conditioned to be quiet when it comes to sharing our heart (through words) with the world.  This is reflected in many of your relationships with family, not being able to share how you truly experience the world around you and the messages you get through intuition or from your guides. This may also translate to your daily life, at work or with friends, it makes you feel out of place when all you want is to share with all of them! It is time you remember how to speak your truth. This activation will help you find your voice. You are a Warrior of Light! 


At this point, you will be able to gently ground your own energy into Mother Earth which is imperative for the next activation since the new frequency must be completely anchored. The Lemurian Collective will activate the crystalline ascension codes stored in your upper chakras that won't be revealed until your body achieves a sense of grounding. These codes are a crystalline cellular upgrade. Be prepared to have a major vibrational expansion. As lightworkers we want to make sure everybody is happy and feels comfortable around our own light. However, it is important that you learn how to exist in an expanded vibration to hold spaces for others, and invite them to do the same. This is how humanity's consciousness grows! 


The Atlantean Whales started this process and now you will work with the Sirian Lions to help you identify additional blocks that have emerged due to your readiness to step into your power and that are preventing you from moving fully forward and with ease. This includes an emotional trauma from this timeline or another life, recent life events, or clearing unhealthy relationships. We will come up with action steps to help you heal this block or blocks. In addition, the whimsy yet fierce Sirian Lions will provide you with strength yet a sense of play to get things moving. Their energy will start the process of reintegration of your emotional bodies. 


Metatron is the Akashic Records gatekeeper. He oversees the records and will work with you to fully clear the 12 chakras (7 main chakras, 4 below the root chakra, and one above the crown chakra) from multiple timelines. We will open your Akashic Records stored in your DNA, and untangle the timelines. This process will allow you to start existing solely in this current timeline without the energetic density from the other ones. Then, you will receive a new set of ascension codes which will be downloaded through your crown chakra, in preparation for the DNA Crystallization process.


You are an old soul, you have done the work through eons. There is no reason why you have to re-learn what you already have in other realities, and that is stored in your DNA! By now, you know your guides, your mission, and most importantly how to constantly co-create a reality that supports YOU. It is time to start pulling information, tools, and high vibrational personality traits from other timelines into this one. You are ready to live in the flow and co-create with Spirit a harmonious, balanced life!  A message from the Dolphin Matrix of Magnetic Service channeled through Anyaa Lightheart: “We work within your cellular level to activate the energy codes that have been stored for you in your DNA, as you continue your ascension process. The crystalline body has been recalibrated to match your divine blueprint. This is the level where these codes are stored and the activation will raise your vibration and keep your entire self working within a higher frequency and aligned with your mission on Earth, aligned with New Earth.”




  • 3 30 min. Private Sessions ($600 value, yours FREE)

    • Check in with Anyaa in a very private setting and get As to your personal Qs.
    • Dive into your other timelines and bring clarity to patterns that you have been manifesting in this reality.
    • Receive any additional, tailored clearings or activations (if needed).
    • Connect more in depth with your guides and Star Family.
    • Co-create with Anyaa and Spirit, a plan to discover and expand your own gifts and abilities.
    • Receive guidance directly from your guides, channeled by Anyaa.


  • The Constellation of Goddesses: Healing the Divine Feminine through the DNA ($997 value, yours FREE)

    • 7 week program to help you recalibrate your divine feminine energy and tap into your creative center. TCoG may be done in conjunction with DNA Crystallization or you have the option to start it after.
    • CLEARING - Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth (5th Dimension): First things first, set the ground by connecting back to your roots and clearing the path.
    • CLEARING - Ix Chel, Mayan moon goddess + Sirian Lionesses: Reconstructing from the ground up. Before you can move to another timeline you must create the sacred space for new possibilities.
    • ACTIVATION - Pele Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanos + Lemurian Collective: Purify your heart and ignite your passion. What is in your heart? Find your fire.
    •  ACTIVATION - Mother Mary "Queen of Angels" + Angelic Realm: Amplifying your creative center through an activation of your heart and the womb chakras.
    • CLEARING - Isis Egyptian goddess of magic + Atlantean Dolphins of Magnetic Service: Open your soul's record and clear your multidimensional timelines.
    •  CLEARING - Kali Hindu goddess of birth, death, and rebirth + Arcturian Collective: Final clearing. Cleanse away the collective karma to create space for life.
    •  ACTIVATION - Brigit Celtic goddess of fire + Pleiadian Collective: You will receive a download of codes of light to activate and amplify the divine female energy.
  • A Third Eye - Heart - Crown Chakra Activation to expand your primary Clair. (Not available for sale, $197 value, yours FREE)

    • Are you ready to expand a clairs? Anyaa has been doing this activations to open up the chakras to activate clairvoyance or clairaudience abilities. 
  • Reconnect with your Star Family. ($97 value, yours FREE)

    • Receive a message from your Star Family and any other collective that may step in to deliver an encouraging channeled message.
    • Learn more about your Star Family and re-connect with them.
    • Are you ready to change your timeline, we begin on March 6th!

Join the DNA Crystallization Program!