DNA Crystallization

Welcome Lightplayer!

Congratulations on taking the next step to raise your vibration and co-create with Spirit a timeline that matches your Divine Blueprint.


YAY! Congratulations on joining the

DNA Crystallization Program: Creating a Harmonious Life through Accelerated High Vibrational Alignment!

I’m very excited to work with you for the next 90 days -and beyond- in the “DNA Crystallization Program” program to help you breakthrough your inner blocks and guide you so that you can exist in a higher vibrational and harmonious life where you get to freely and safely share your light with others!

This program will help you clear, and heal all the contracts and vows you have made through so many timelines to create the space for you to fully step into your power and speak your truth. You will enhance the relationship with your guides, and always feel loved and supported.


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