Welcome Lightplayer!


I am super excited you have decided to join us!

Each week you will find a new clearing or activation and I am looking forward to seeing you grow as you expand your frequency.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please go to the Facebook community here.

Please allow 1 week in between clearings and activations for full 3D body energetic integration.


Let's Begin!

Module 1

CLEARING - Gaia and Aria, Mother Earth (3rd and 5th Dimensions).

First things first, set the ground by connecting back to your roots and clearing the path.



Module 2 

CLEARING - Ix Chel, Mayan moon goddess + Sirian Lioness. Reconstructing from the ground up. Before you can move to another timeline you must create the sacred space for new possibilities.

Ix Chel

Ix Chel is the Maya Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth. She is shown here in three of Her many aspects. Left to right: Chak Chel, the Old Moon Goddess, called the Midwife of Creation; Ix Chel in Her main form as Mother Goddess and Weaver who set the Universe in motion; and the Young Moon Goddess, shown with Her totem animal the rabbit.

Ix Chel is a great Water Goddess, the consort of the chief God of the Maya pantheon, Votan. Her name means "Lady Rainbow", and She is said to have founded the city of Palenque at the command of the Gods. She is a Weaver Goddess, whose whirling drop spindle is said to be at the center of the motion of the Universe. She has many aspects and titles, such as Ix Kanleom, the "Spider's Web Catching the Morning Dew", and Ix Chebal Yax. 



Module 3 

Pele Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanos + Lemurian Collective.

Purify your heart and ignite your passion. What is in your heart? Find your fire.

pele 2.jpg

Like a volcano’s lava that creates new land, the goddess Pele reminds us that, even fiery eruptions and emotional upheavals are followed by new life and change. As an archetype Pele is a passionate and creative force that transforms and rebuilds the landscapes of our lives.

Goddess Pele is a Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess.  Known as She Who Shapes the Sacred Land, Pele is the Volcano, the expression and embodiment of Divine Creative Power. She is the Flame of Passion and the Fire of Purpose, she is the Energy of Dynamic Action and she is the Glowing Essence of Eternal and Profound Love.

Aligned with Volcanoes, Pele is sometimes associated with destruction and violence. Goddesses associated with destruction are often misunderstood and perhaps even misjudged.  When working with the Divine Feminine, destruction often equates to clearing away that which no longer serves us and may be considered part of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  In actuality, Goddess Pele’s Volcanoes are more of a creative force, creating and shaping land, clearing the old and laying the foundation for new.  Within this energy, Pele is known as She who Shapes the Sacred Land.  Through Her Volcanic activity, Pele gives birth to the islands and may be considered a Mother Goddess.

As She Who Shapes the Sacred Land, Pele reminds us of our own dynamic creative power.  We are reminded that we constantly create and shape our own life with the powerful energy that we project through our thoughts, through our words, through our emotions, through our beliefs and intentions and through our imagination.  Within this awareness we are able to take responsibility and wield our creative power with clear focus and with positive intention. In this way, we will create that which we actually desire to create and experience.



Module 4 

Mother Mary "Queen of Angels" + Angelic Realm. Amplifying your creative center through an activation of your heart and the womb chakras.

Mother Mary comes to me as a collective, meaning it is never just one Being but rather a group. They are here to teach of us about compassion. Mother Mary, always comes bearing gifts, including flowers. Most of the time she places a rose in your heart or sometimes she would use your favorite flower. 

Mother Mary often shows up in different forms but you will always feel her pure love and intentions. She is the Divine Mother.



Module 5

Isis Egyptian Goddess of Magic + Atlantean Dolphins of Magnetic Service. Open your soul's record and clear your multidimensional timelines. 


Isis was called the Mother of Life, but she was also known as the Crone of Death. Her immense powers earned her the titles of "The Giver of Life" and "Goddess of Magic". 

Isis possesses remarkable determination and competence as a sorceress, but more importantly, it's her ability to turn a situation around, to transmute bad circumstances into good ones, to use an opportunity to her advantage, is what makes her one of the most important archetypes of empowered femininity.

Isis embodies the power of alchemical transformation. As the Goddess of Magic she teaches how to use our gifts to create the life we desire, how to be an agent of change in any situation, how to be persuasive and influential, how to give life to what is dead and forgotten. Knowing the universal laws of nature and using some magic we can transform our dreams into reality.



Module 6 

Kali Hindu goddess of birth, death and rebirth + Arturian Collective.

Final clearing. Cleanse away the collective karma to create space for life.


It is partly correct to say Kali is a goddess of death but She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. 

Kali is the goddess of creation as much as she is the goddess of destruction. Kali destroys only what needs to be destroyed - be it a powerful demon, sin, fear, ilussions or ignorance. Once it's all destroyed, the new creation can begin. 



Module 7 

Brigit Celtic goddess of fire + Sirian Lioness. 

A download of codes of light will be activating the divine female energy in your energetic body as a part of an integration with your physical body.


Goddess Brigit is a beloved Celtic Goddess associated with Healing Waters, Wells and Springs.  She is the Lady of the Sacred Flame, the Flame of Inspiration, the Flame of Creative Consciousness.  Brigit is the “Bringer of Prosperity,” Goddess of Fertility, New Growth and Birth.  She is the Patroness of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, Midwifery and Animal Care & Breeding.  Brigit is Warrior and Healer, Protectress and Goddess of Healing Grace.

Goddess Brigit is an all encompassing aspect of the Divine Feminine, reminding us that our own True Potential is beyond any means of measurement.  This lovely, illuminated aspect of the Lady is dedicated to the rediscovery and remembrance of our Divine Power. Goddess Brigit is a devoted and steadfast ally to any and all who call upon Her.