Becoming Your Highest Self

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June 16th, 2020.

We are, Aria, and we are delighted to connect with you today. What a beautiful time to be alive on Earth. We are witnesses of the experiences that you are choosing to create in the moment to moment creation. By being in your heart, by being in your crystalline body, by creating through your crystalline body.

Now we are aware of the purging that you are experiencing, and for some of you, this is scary. We acknowledge that it can also be confusing and we ask you to stay aware, for the truth can be deceiving. It may not be your truth, we want to repeat that to you. It may not be true to you in your experiences and your reality. Your reality is where you choose to create, and the moment you started to shift your focus from the external circumstances to your inner self, that’s when you really start to magnetize the desires that are truly in alignment with your higher self.

You start to become more of your higher self and less of your shadow self. And we say it in this way, but what we really mean is that you start to embody everything that you are. You no longer see the difference between who you are, and when the ego is present, which is part of your humanity. It’s part of what you’ve chosen to be in.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, when things go wrong it’s because you are forgetting your own Divinity. So we ask you to balance it out, not to just focus on the shadow self and everything that you perceive as being wrong and instead also focus on everything that is going right in your life right now. Like you being alive at this moment, connecting with us through this channel.

Every time you connect with us, with your family, you receive activations that help you move from that lower vibrational state, from a lower dimension to a higher dimension. That can be from 4D, 5D, and some of you even connect with 6D. For it is possible on your planet at this time. Right now, you’re going through the process that most of you are awakening and remembering, that 3D is where you have been. It’s a place where most of your creations come from, a place of survival, and now you’re realizing what’s available to you. You’re realizing by receiving these inspired ideas, which is four-dimensional, you receive these inspired ideas of what’s possible.

It stretches the possibility of what is available to you in every moment. Meaning it feels like a desire, it feels as ‘well wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that be joyful, wouldn’t that be loving to experience that?’. That’s the 4D, it expands your consciousness. Those ideas expand your consciousness, and you get these ideas when you’re spending time with yourself. Through meditation, through movement like dancing, walking, being in nature, because you shift your attention from your environment to within.

That’s where your answers reside, and then you have these glimpses of how everything around you is an illusion, it’s a creation of your emotions and your thoughts. It is truly an illusion as you start to realize that you’re part of a whole, you start to realize that you have always belonged here to everything and everyone. Meaning you are deeply connected to everything and everyone around you. You are Earth, you are mother Earth. You are the Divinity, you’re wholeness and when you are whole there’s no lack.

There is only inspiration and you start to share from that place and you start to remember your different abilities, in different ways of connecting. Not just with us, your Galactic Families, but also with the people around you. You start to have deep connections, then all of a sudden you find yourself in a place that you’re so in love with who you are being. You’re so in love with life that you start to flow, you start to find balance and gratitude in every breath you take.

That’s the place that is available, and it is for you, it’s so available at this moment. What is it going to take for you to decide that you are worth it? Of being in that frequency, in the moment to moment creation. Because to us, you are so worth it already experiencing those miracles and make them your new normal, your new standard. That’s what New Earth is, it’s already here and everything else that is happening. All of the energy verging that you’re experiencing is a part of it, it’s the catalyst that is getting you to this space to find peace within. You are recognizing that you will not find balance or peace or joy outside of you.

This has never been the case. It was all an illusion, and you’re ready to open your eyes to really see what you have created. You can create a world where love and joy are the answers, but it starts with you remembering that it exists within you already. Know that we want to give you an activation, for your Crystalline Heart. As we believe it’s important at this time for you to come back into your heart when you spend so much time in your head trying to figure out things, that you forget the key thing. You don’t need to figure out anything for everything that has already been created for you, you just have to choose.

What is it that you want to embody more of? You can only discover that through your feeling for your heart is your compass, and it will lead you to great awakenings, and great joyful states. So, take a deep breath Dear One, and come back into your heart center. Just shift your intention into your heart. You can say, “I am open to receiving”, and that’s all you have to do. Take a deep breath. And that’s it Dear One. 

We are Aria and we’ve been delighted to connect with you. Remember your Crystalline Heart.

And So It Is. 




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