Be Open to Receiving

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May 26th, 2020

We are Aria and we are so happy to be here with you today. We understand the need for you to search for information, to fill up that need of knowing. Dear One, we’re just here to remind you that’s just another way of wanting to control a situation that has already been created.

You’ve created this along with your brothers and sisters of planet Earth and your Galactic Family. We can reassure you over and over again that you made it. That you are living on New Earth even if you cannot see it materialize, for there is so much information that is going to continue to be revealed to you.

New Earth is already within you, it’s not a place, it’s not a destination, it’s not something that you’re going to go to. It is who you are becoming and who you are when you are in alignment in the moment to moment creation. Now, it is important for you to remember that you’re here to receive. For you have done everything that you could, in your lifetimes of service. This is not about you sitting down and not doing anything.

It’s about you sitting down and being so that you can receive guidance that you’ve been asking for, for so long. It’s about you being quiet, so you can hear clearly and this week is perfect for that. These next few days are perfect for the energy that is available to you right now. It’s all for you to receive, not to do, but to receive. Once you have integrated these new downloads and codes that are available to you at this moment, you’re going to be able to share it with the world. In other words, you step up and you share what’s in your heart.

We tell you over and over again, it doesn’t matter if you are a gardener, a farmer, an artist, a channeler, or an engineer. It does not matter what you’ve chosen to fulfill in this lifetime. But what matters is what you have chosen to embody and share. What are you choosing to embody?

This is where the consumption part comes into play, because every time you’re choosing to watch or read or hear certain programming, it affects you at a cellular level. It blocks you from the Divine flow, and it is not that we’re in disagreement with you experiencing different types of shows or news or articles. It’s not about that, it’s the level of awareness in which you do it. We would much rather have you meditating and connecting with yourself. Again, it is not about sitting down. But it’s communing, the communion with your inner self. Bringing true information that is impacting and elevating your life experience on Earth as you share it with others.

It is being in the garden and it’s being outside in nature. When you’re outside you’re communicating with the Divine. There’s only light projecting towards you, as you remember your own Divinity, Dear One. It’s time for you to wake up, and be on the receiving end. Be open to receiving.

You can say this to yourself, “I am the Divine and I’m open to receiving. I am worth it. I am the Divine and I am open to receiving for I am worth that.” This week, Dear One is all about practicing and receiving. Receiving love, receiving guidance, receiving abundance, receiving, receiving, receiving.

We are Aria, and we’ve been delighted to connect with you.

Magnetize in the reality of your dreams for it is possible, for it is available and all you have to do is be. And believe it, it is possible and it is happening right now for you at this moment. There is perfection.

And So It Is.




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