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Meet Anyaa

How I went from overworked Engineer to discovering and living my joy while inspiring many to become their best version of themselves, you know that version where you feel totally loved and guided by Spirit in every moment of your life.

Before I was able to tap into my own zone of genius, the space where I feel totally connected with Spirit, where I get to trance channel galactic wisdom the space where I can see all the potentials, the possibilities and feel love wholly, where I am in divine flow, I was feeling so alone and stuck in the Corporate world.

I was so desperate to discover my true soul’s mission and to actually take part in it, that I made myself super sick. I got to the point where the doctors said: “You are one step away from cancer.”


I knew in that moment that it was time to follow my heart and to discover my soul’s purpose.

My relationship with Spirit started at a very young age in Mexico, where I was born. I remember healing my little brother with water when I was 6 while looking at the ‘angels’ around us. I was highly empathic and that same empathy got me to the hospital multiple times, only to have the doctors say: “She just wants attention”. Ouch! To me, the empathy was so high that I could physically feel people’s pains and emotions in my own body. Even though I had a great childhood, I was always a bit different. I really thought everyone could see colors around people (auras) and sparkles of light that flew around us.

Living in a different dimension.

I also have to admit that most of my childhood I was existing elsewhere…

I started to get stopped in the streets or other places and people would comment on my aura or my ability to play with energy… Mind you I was only 14 when that started to happen.

At that time I was playing with angels on the daily and the Spiritual Airport in my room had its first grand opening. I was connecting with the Spirit world as much as I was interacting with humans. It was so much fun! I was being invited to clear spaces and people’s energy fields. My channeling started to take place.

One day I was guiding a group meditation and all of a sudden I could hear my voice shift to a man’s voice. I could see in the energy a mix of Archangel Michael’s energy and Ascended Master Jesus. I freaked!

But little did I know that would be the first time I would trance channel.

Many years pass and I became focused on my human life and getting my BS in Engineering. I closed down the Spiritual Airport but I continued to consciously channel for others in my dorm room or online.

Looking back, I feel having that open connection got me through university and all the aspects of living in a foreign country on my own.

I kept doing readings and clearings on the side until one day I realized I could see all the records of humanity. It was quite the adventure because I had no idea what the Akashic Records were. I asked my guides and they said that everything would continue to unfold and so it did.

In no time I was opening records and seeing all the potentials in the spot. I was intrigued by the patterns I kept seeing in my clients from their past lives and their current one, in addition to the codes of light (Light language) on their light bodies. I could see energetically what was preventing them from experiencing their full potential and how to shift it.


Then one day I was at an event and the speaker was talking about his experiences with extraterrestrials. At the time I had no idea that moment was going to be such catalyst for me. One moment I was enjoying the presentation and the next I was asking my amazing husband to help me stay grounded. I was able to see all the galactic families that were present in the room and everyone’s galactic heritage.

It took me a few minutes to come back but I finally realized in what dimension I spent all my childhood - with my galactic families of course!

After that activation I realized that the angels I connected and collaborated with, were really galactic families think Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Orions, etc.

Even though, Spiritually I was feeling super connected, my engineering life was taken a turn that no-one saw coming. I became super ill. I was blacking out after a stressful meeting and having panic attacks. My health took a turn for the worst and in between hospital visits I knew something had to change. I knew my outer reality needed to change and I had to start with my inner reality.

The doctors wanted me to be on drastic medications but in my heart I knew there was another unspoken option. I took it to meditation and channeling to get the answer I so desperately needed. I wanted to live!

That’s when I channeled DNA Crystallization. It was a beautiful collaboration with The Council of 12/Aria. DNA Crystallization became my ticket to joy, love, health and bravery!

DNA Crystallization opened me to see how trauma is stored in our body and how we can activate the crystalline or rainbow body to access everything that we are (including what we perceive as a future version of ourselves). From that space I was able to consciously choose a reality where I get to live my joy and be in full divine flow.

This is exactly what I’m here to share with you, how you too can embody source consciously and even unconsciously through play and joy! It’s not a matter of getting perfect but rather a practice of unconditional joy and choosing joy in every aspect of our Creations. That’s why I choose to call myself a Light-player (instead of a Light-worker). I much rather play than work to be honest. Life is about living with an open heart.

Everyday I get to practice to be more in my heart and most of my guidance comes from Aria. Aria is a future version of myself (if we are talking linear time, of course!). They stepped forward many years ago but it wasn’t until my 30th birthday that they shared the name “Aria” which means Lions of God. The first time I saw them, they came through as 9th dimensional Sirian Lions. As you can tell, they have a great sense of humor! The White Lions rapidly filled my heart with a kind of love I have never felt before.

I now recognize Aria not just as Sirian Lions but as a Collective of multiple galactic families which intentions are to remind us to open our hearts to feel more joy and with their wise galactic guidance they always make a point to bring it down to Earth by sharing easy yet inspiring action steps, profound DNA activations and fun teachings.

Aria’s wise teachings have been a catalyst for my own consciousness expansion and Lightplayers all over the World too. Aria always says that we are Source Energy and so are they. They remind us that we need no saving. In their eyes, we are Creator and as Creator we get to live and play in our most beautiful and highest vibrational reality.

In the last 15 years I’ve been sharing with others how to move from the world of senses (3D + 4D) to a world where you get to remember that everything you desire is within you (5D). It’s in your Crystalline DNA and once you activate I you transcend and embody Source as the Creator that you have always been.

It has been such a powerful journey and I’m so grateful now I get to share this joy with everyone around me, that includes you, beautiful Lightplayer!



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Here are a few fun facts about me:

When I was a kid, everyone would come to me for advice at the most random places like the super market or church! It was funny to me because it was as if they were magnetized to me and once they got the message they needed they would realized they were talking to a child. Their faces where priceless!

I have been saved by Spirit from potentially super harmful accidents. Phew!

I was born and raised in Mexico but now call Michigan home (only during the warm spring/summer months). I trance channel every single week and it’s one of my favorite things to do and be.

I can see Light language, your galactic and human heritage and I enjoy so much discovering the patterns that are holding you back from massive joy!

I adore my 2 beagle mixes and you’ll probably virtually meet them. They are always around to help me ground when I connect with Aria.

My husband Dalton is my life and business partner and it is because of him that I get to fully explore life the way I do. If you see him, please thank him for me!