Hello Lightplayer!

(Can I call you Lightplayer already?)

I know you are the doer, the “let’s make it happen” type of personbut something about your spiritual life has you feeling stuck. You have done the meditations, the coaching, have read the books, have taken classes, workshops, and seminars in your pursuit of growth and transformation, but still you feel there is something inside of you that is spiritually powerful, something deeper that needs to be brought forward.

The world is calling YOU and you are ready to step into your power and I am here to help you bring it all forward!

Let’s uncover all the layers and really get to your heart and soul mission!

How? Well, let me tell you a little bit about me and what I do.


I am  a first generation human and timeline catalyst. It was my soul’s desire to serve humanity, that led me to leave my mainstream engineering life behind to fully fulfill my mission. Along with my guides, I use my abilities to relay channeled loving messages, high vibrational clearings and activations, light language downloads, and DNA Crystallizations. I provide grounded and loving, spiritual guidance and tools, that focuses on helping lightplayers step into their power and thrive during this transformational time.  

My collaboration with our cosmic brothers and sisters, grew when I realized I could access the Universal Records through the Crystalline DNA. When I access the DNA, I am presented with a series of timelines and patterns. I can see all your “yous”, all your multiple selves in different realities.


My mission is to guide Lightplayers like you, and to encourage them to find answers within themselves by holding space, as they take their spiritual life into a timeline where they are their own leaders and Conscious Creators. It is because of this journey that lightplayers find enlightenment and, subsequently, begin to live consistently in a state of bliss and harmony.

Well, that's as serious as I get! Want to learn fun things about me?

  • I used to host a Spiritual Airport in my bedroom when I was a teenager. Beings were always coming through, and I did my best to help them with whatever they needed as they continued on their Spiritual Path.

  • Most of the time I meet new guides in my home’s living room. Although the Atlantean Whales came into my kitchen once!

  • It took me 25 years to fully learn how to exist in full expansion while still being grounded yet, I often wake up in the mornings in awe of our reality –we are HUMANS!

  • Since I was a child I have been able to see and play with energy. I used to make energy balls and materialize them. I love the sparkle of light and sound it created when they popped!

  • My guides have saved me from more than 1 car accident. I promise I’m a good driver but hello Michigan’s winters!

  • I can turn everything I see into energy form. It is like a switch I can turn on and off. I see the trees and their roots connection and the birds flying in the sky made out of energy and the holograms we call life.

  • It was very hard for me to concentrate during my engineering classes! My instructors’ auras were fascinating!

  • In this timeline, my karma is universal (collective). It is plugged to the Divine Blueprint of Humanity and all its existence.

  • I can see the collective multidimensional records (Crystalline DNA). That includes your records from this timeline and other realities, Earth and beyond!

  • I choose to live with an expanded heart and Lightplayers often wonder what I mean by it, you too? Check out my DNA Crystallization Program.