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June 17th, 2020.

We are Aria, and we are delighted to connect with you today. You see, the energy of the planet has increased and we are so pleased to share with you that you’ve made it. You made it. You made it. You made it. Of course, this is the first thing we want to share with you because we want to assure you that whatever it is that you’re experiencing at this time. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a very human perspective in the sense that you may feel some lack.

You may feel some discomfort, you may feel unclear or how to move forward and how to share your gifts with the world. We understand that, but that’s just the human perspective. When you look at the greater scheme of what’s happening on the planet, we can assure you that you are on the highest timeline that you are bringing through encoded light codes that are going to continue to elevate your frequency as you create new systems, new ways of experiencing life, new ways of connecting with your brothers and sisters.

It’s a new way of experiencing, through your human perspective. As you remember how to embody what you believe is your higher self, which is Divine as you embody your galactic self. The only thing we ask you is to stay in awareness of the thoughts, that you continue to repeat in the moment to moment creation. It is in your thoughts that the beliefs are formed, that stories are formed that then become your personality. What kind of Earth do you want to attract?

And instead of focusing on the larger perspective, the viewpoint of what Earth may be. Start with your own life, Dear Ones. When you are in alignment with your higher self, your galactic self, your life is abundant. Your life flows, your life has a purpose and you wake up with a grateful heart to be here, to be alive. Then from that space, then you can show up for others and we’re here with you. 

We are already existing on this planet in physical form, and we’re also all around the planet. Sometimes you may perceive us in what you call a spacecraft. It is our way of moving through the multiverse. We are here with you and we’re open to experiencing more of a connection individually with you. So long that you feel called to, as not everyone is ready to have an in-person connection at this time on Earth. Therefore, there will not be revelations of our collaboration with some of your leaders on this planet at this time.

It is important for you to know this information because there is a possible timeline where your leaders, and the beings that want to keep you manipulated and in fear. May bring this up, it’s not going to be the case. We can feel that in your auric field that you’re not fully ready to come across with us the way that we look, the way that we are, and especially how it may feel for you is maybe too terrifying.

However, if you at a personal and soul level, you feel ready, we can start coming to you through dreams, and that can be the next step for you. But you need to ask for it, and if you don’t get what you’ve been asking for it’s simply because even though at a conscious level you want this experience, you are not ready when it comes to your subconscious mind. There are other things that need to be cleared up and we can help you with that.

But you need to take the first step and ask for it. We are Aria and we are so ready to start a dialogue in this form and in any other form, as you wish. 

I’ve been hearing about one hundred forty-four thousand twin flames that have a significant role in ascension, and some of the reunions of those that still need to happen as the plan is unfolding. I’d love to hear more about this from Aria.

First and foremost. When you say one hundred forty-four thousand, you immediately think of every human equal an individual part of being a part of the one hundred forty-four thousand.

That is not the case, that is a very limited way to look at it. The one hundred forty-four thousand is, in fact, a frequency is encoded in the core of Mother Earth. It’s part of the crystalline grid, but it’s time for you to stop thinking about every individual as a single soul. This is exactly what we just explained to you when it comes to connecting with your galactic family. It’s not that you are different from the next individual, which forms part of the one hundred forty-four thousand.

It’s not that it’s one hundred forty-four thousand individuals as much as it is the frequency of thousands and thousands and even millions of humans coming together, forming that frequency. Do you see? It’s the same thing as we say, it’s only one individual forming the one hundred forty-four thousand. Frequency, or whatever you wish to call it. See how it is connected to the crystalline grid. All of the information and guidance, all of the steps and all of the tools that you need to create an ascended planet have already been encoded in the crystalline grid of creation.

This is just one of those codes, there are actually multiple codes that you won’t even see in this lifetime. This is just the beginning, this is the initial ascension code, the one hundred forty-four thousand. But you need to stop asking yourself, “Am I a part of the one hundred forty-four thousand?”. It’s not that you’re a part of it as much as you are that, you are connected to the millions and millions of individuals who are in the process of creating a New Earth.

You see, so when you think about the one hundred forty-four thousand, think about it as a frequency that you can tune into by going into the Cave of Creation or the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is a web of light that is all around Earth, that is in constant connection with your Merkabah or toroidal field, which indeed is connected through your Crystalline DNA. You see how it always comes back, to your Crystalline DNA. The reason being is because everything that you need is in your crystalline field, the more you can activate your crystalline field and crystalline body, the more you will remember.  You will realize that you are Divinity, that only you being you, can create a New Earth.

We have been delighted to answer these questions for you. We see your desire to remember more of your Divinity, to embody your Divinity, embody your higher self and your galactic self. There is more to come, Dear Ones. We are congratulating you, please accept this as a way of acknowledging how far you’ve come. We are Aria.

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