Hola, I am Anyaa Lightheart.
I am mystical by nature and I am here to guide you to experience deep self love and coherence within and around you. Through intuitive inspiration and energy medicine, I role model what it feels like to live lightheartedly. To me, every mundane moment has become mystical. To me, this is LIVING in coherence. Let's weave life together, offline.


I've been waiting for you.

I am not feeling inspired to doing phone sessions right now. That being said, once the coldest months arrive, I might open a few spots again. The sessions go from 45-120 min. It all depends on what you pull out, and where my intuition guides us.

These are sold as 1 off sessions and just like the Sanctuary visits, these vary from person to person. It's up to you to create the desired experience.

A mix of energetics and guidance is always available. If you feel a phone session is a better option for you, and you are absolutely sure you can't come to the Sanctuary, invite me via a postcard.

Fee: $1555

During the dahlia blooming season (mid August - late September), we provide opportunities for you to come experience the unique beauty of dahlias and the treasures the Sanctuary has to offer through u-pick flower events and other offerings. Please refer to Floriografia Farm's website for up to date information. 

Fee: $75 (20 mixed blooms). 

There's nothing I enjoy more than being in communion, in aura with another human BEING, surrounded by the beauty, the seen, and unseen in the Sanctuary. This is an opportunity for you to find the way back to yourself, to loving yourself the way you were created, beyond the years of conditioning.

This is an invitation to learn how to love the life you got! This is a catalyst to release the resistance that is preventing you from experiencing the natural flow that is available when you are living in coherence.

That being said, I deeply honor my intuition, my body's inner authority. Please know that I move in and out of auras as I feel inspired. There aren't any set times, expectations, or promises. Just an open invitation to find yourself. An invitation to create your own experience in aura, together. 

This kind of offering will vary from person to person and it will be as unique and as differentiated as you are. Please see "Sessions & Treatments" to better understand this offering. This offering is a whole day experience and sleeping accommodations as well as food are not included in the fee.

Fee: $555 (Initial consultation & treatment included).

Fee: $ (Follow ups based on your unique experience plan).

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Back in July of 2022, I experienced a series of events. Some might call them mystical experiences, to me they were probably the most painful yet human moments of my life. That led me to realize how harmful technology is for my well being. As a 5th tone being, otherwise known as feelings cognition, and as I continue to be devoted to my deconditioning process and to myself, I have been inspired to stop the use of technology such as Wi-Fi among other things. I am no longer on social media or on the web really. This website is kept up by loved ones and my inner circle, especially Dalton, my husband.

If you'd like to come experience the powerful gifts that happen here at our Sanctuary, please look into my offerings section. Know that every interaction must be unique. It will be unique to you and what you need in that moment as we are guided by inspiration, intuition, and awareness. 

If you feel guided to connect with me but you are unable to come over to our farm, our Sanctuary, please send me an invitation here. You'll be added to a waitlist and be given instructions on how to proceed. This too includes sending a postcard just like you would if you were to come see me in person.

As for the in person communions, our time together doesn't matter, alignment and integrity does. What I do, and who I am when we are together can never be explained or be translated into words. The experiences we are meant to live when we are in aura together, your experience with or without me at the Sanctuary, will be as unique and as expansive as your DNA.

Above all, it's my intention to be of service to whom my nodes bring into my life. I am here after all, designed to come to meet... you, wherever you are in your journey.

I see you, I love you.

I am Anyaa Lightheart.


This is where I am...